What Size Suitcase Do I Need For 2 Weeks?

What Size Suitcase Do I Need For 2 Weeks?

There has been instances where where you booked trips and found out you don’t have that perfect size suitcase🧳 for the trip.

Maybe you want to buy one during the trip but don’t wanna be in confusion which suitcase to buy?

For a 2 weeks trip we have crafted a perfect buying guide for it, as you don’t need to worry about what size suitcase🧳 you need for 2 weeks?

I’ll assist you in selecting the appropriate size suitcase🧳!

Perfect Suitcase Sizing Guide:

🧳Suitcase Sizing from 18” to 32”.

Conventional suitcase🧳 dimensions range from 18″ to 32″.

Luggage up to 22″ in length are often designated carry-ons, while bigger suitcases are designated checked baggage.

These suitcases 🧳are good enough for 2 weeks trip.

Follow the chart!

What Size Suitcase Do I Need For 2 Weeks?

This chart is sufficient enough for suitcase comparison for any trip.

On my recent trip to New York I bought 22″ bags and they were fine.I bought TravelPro suitcase 🧳 from amazon at an excellent discount, I have had no issue till date.

It would be an issue if I ordered anything less than 22″ suitcase🧳.

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What Size Suitcase Do I Need For 2 Weeks?

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If you’re not battling, traveling ✈️ is a lot more enjoyable.

Final Note

Obviously, the appropriate size of luggage 🧳 is determined based on what you bring with you on holiday.

For a weekend travel, baggage with a capacity of 60 liters or less is adequate.

Carry-on luggage 🧳 are typically limited at 20 pounds by most flights.Just checking your carry-on at home 🏡 then removing any stuff that really are causing it to become overweight.

It’s not necessary to wear a different clothes👚/shoes daily! You’ll be happy with a lighter load, I promise,trust me!

That’s it! Have A Safe Journey!

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