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What to pack?

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Planning to travel with a carry-on only? Check our tips!

Keep in mind that each bottom must match three or more tops and pack more tops than bottoms.  Additionally, favour neutral-colored clothing and pay attention to textiles! Lightweight clothing composed of cotton and linen is ideal for summer.

Why just bring carry-on baggage  when travelling?

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Traveling with a carry-on not only saves you money because many airlines charge a price  to check a bag, but it also forces you to consider your belongings much more carefully.

How about the makeup?

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Put your things in numerous tiny toiletries instead of one large one, making it easier to divide everything inside the suitcase. Also, practise minimalism. You don't need to pack seven lipsticks or three foundations  for your trip.

How can space be made most effective?

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Your ticket usually includes a personal item that may fit beneath the seat in front of you. The bag seen above is excellent and has several pockets.


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You'll need to wash your clothes, depending on how long your trip is. Make sure the Airbnb accommodations you are booking have a washer. Whether not, see if your hotel offers the service and search for nearby laundromats on Google Maps.

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