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If you are looking for Seo Tool Adda Review , which is a group buy SEO tool, then you are at the right destination .

This review has been processed on 07 January, 2021.

We have used their services and our review is based on our judgement.

As of 21st January , Seo Tool Adda, is having the following tools available as Group Buy SEO Tools :

Our Experience with SEO Tool Adda :

I have been using the tools for over a month now and till date we haven’t faced any issue in any of the tools.

Currently they are charging Rs 599 per month for all the tools combined which I can say its dirt chip compared to their actual cost.

Can We Use Only 1 Tool from SEO Tool Adda

Absolutely , we can buy tools separately from Seo Tool Adda.

How to Use SEO Tool Adda Platform?

No fuss platform, even a chimp could excel in minutes. Once you have done their payment through paytm, upi, bank transfer, you’ll be asked to download 2 chrome extensions of theirs.

As soon as you download them, you can use SeoToolAdda instantly without any issue.

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⭐ Cost of SeoToolAdda Ahrefs

酪 As of 21st January, 2021, you can buy ahref group buy service at Rs 299 INR

⭐ Total SeoToolAdda Combo Pricing?

酪Pricing of combo pricing costs Rs 599. Pricing for individual tool is different. Visit our site to get detailed review.

⭐ Can i share SeoToolAdda account with friends /family?

Unfortunately they don’t allow such things instead they might cancel your services after detection of breach of terms