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Save A Lot Food Stores Ltd. is a budget grocery business based in St. Ann, Missouri, which is part of the Greater St. Louis area. It is a division of Onex Corporation, with over $4 billion in yearly sales and 1,300 locations throughout 36 states in the United States.

Most grocery items are available in stores, including fresh, canned, and frozen produce, meat, meal products, household items, and everyday groceries. National and private label products are sold at a discount at Save A Lot grocery stores. Items are exhibited in cardboard shipping boxes in a typical Save A Lot grocery shop, which is 15,000 square feet (1,400 m2).

Bill Moran established Save A Lot in 1977 as an alternative to larger supermarkets. In Cahokia, Illinois, he started the first Save-A-Lot shop and remained with the firm until 2006. Moran supervised the expansion of his company to more than 1,000 locations across the country from the one Cahokia shop. Bill Shaner, formerly COO of Save-A-Lot, succeeded him as President and CEO. After 15 years in the operating division of parent company Supervalu, Shaner began his career at the Save A Lot in 1999. Walmart veteran Santiago Roces who most recently works as Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Walmart’s small format division replaced Bill Shaner in May 2011 as Chief Executive Officer of Save A Lot.

The company expanded to include General Grocer Company in the Greater St. Louis Region in 1978. Finally, by the end of the decade, the shop network grew to 30 stores. The company’s growth strategy is rooted in the relationship between the licensee and its independent store owners and Save-A-Lot, where it acts as a wholesaler against a franchisor. The limited range model quickly found smaller independent retailers an effective defence strategy against the larger chains of supermarkets. Save A Lot alone added 50 stores in the Mid-South area and a warehouse in Jackson (Tennessee) with help from new licensees in 1980.

Save A Lot purchased from Jeuel in Florida and Pennsylvania 75 similar-sized Jewel T stores and two Jewel distribution centres. In 1987, Save A Lot was purchased by Wetterau Inc, a food retailer and wholesaler based in St. Louis.

Supervalu Inc., one of the largest independent grocery wholesalers, was wholly-owned in 1994, as were the Save A Lot and Shop’n Sauve banners and owners of Cub Foods, and of Scott’s Food & Pharmacy. The takeover provided the conventional Supervalu-supplied carriers, including the Niemann Foods, with Save-A-licensee Lot’s opportunities.

With its 21 Sav U Foods discount grocery stores and a retail centre from the Fleming Companies, Save-A-Lot grew up into Southern California at the end of 1996.

The variety store chain deals with 45 stores in the Midwest were bought by Save A Lots in 2002. The typical store Deal$ had a slightly smaller footprint than Save-A-Lot, and mostly contained non-food goods at dollar prices. By 2006, the Deal$ concept had been extended to 138 stores under Save A Lot. Save A Lot’s supermarkets were also allowed to stock more common goods in their foodstuffs. Hypermarkets combined discount foodstuffs and merchandise concepts under one roof were tested by the firm. This led to 480 combination stores not carrying the Deal$ banner. Save A Lot sold $30.5 million plus inventory to the Dollar Tree in 2006.

Save A Lot reduced the amount of general goods in its mixing shops and returned them to its food-focused model.

Save A Lot expanded its international presence in 2009. The first three international food stores in Aruba, Freeport- The Bahamas and Dominica have been opened by Save A Lot in the Caribbean. Development continued with the opening of secondary sites in Aruba and Rock-Bahamas at 8 mile. The opening of additional shops in St Vincent, Curacao, Trinidad and Tobago continued international interest and growth (Mount Hope and Diego Martin). With the opening of two retail outlets in Guatemala City, the expansion moved from the Caribbean to Central America. Grenada was scheduled to open the last international licensee. As corporate ownership changes in 2018, the overall corporate strategy focused all efforts on corporate growth at the national level. International retail licences have been dissolved and current international accounts have been converted into wholesale. The global shops do not operate as independent retailers under the Save-A-Lot brand name or Save A Lot Licensee agreement.

Craig Herkert, newly engaged CEO of Supervalu, announced the goal of doubling the Save A Lot foodstuff system to 2,400 sites over a five-year period.

In 2010, the company was supposed to open almost 100 shops focusing on the South-East. Save A Lot plans to open in 2011 in Davidson County, North Carolina, a new distribution centre for grocery stores, which will serve a portion of new and existing shops.

In agreement with Ortega’s American grocery store namesake, Save A Lot also entered into a licencing agreement with him to rebrand six locations in Houston, Texas, and South Texas as “El Ahorro Save A Lot.” Stores featuring Save A Lot products as well as traditional Hispanic food products feature in the new locations.

In late 2010, 10 of the stores in the Greenville, South Carolina, area that were owned by Rite Aid, but were not licenced as Save A Lot locations, became Save-A-Lot/Rite Aid stores.

While a pharmacy was saved, the remainder of the general merchandise health and beauty merchandise, which included fresh meat, produce, and frozen items, was replaced with Save-A-Lot grocery products.

Supervalu made an announcement in September 2012 that it would close 22 Save-A-Lot stores in seven states.

Other than replacing the CEO of Save-A-Lot, several executive changes were made on March 4, 2013, as a result of which Ritchie Casteel replaced Roces. This announcement came right as the company Supervalu was considering a sale of several of its other grocery chains to investment firm Cerberus Capital Management.

Save-A-Lot was purchased by Onex Corporation in October 2016.

Save A Lot Near Me

Save A Lot has a wide range of shop brands, some of which are given the name after employees of Save A Lot.

save-a-lot near me

  • America’s Choice — premium grocery items
  • Being Well — health and beauty products
  • Coburn Farms — dairy
  • Crystal₂O;— purified drinking water
  • Ginger Evans — baking products
  • Fairgrounds — deli meats
  • Ferratto’s — frozen pizza
  • Grissom’s Mill  — bread and bakery items
  • Hargis House – sloppy joe sauce
  • J. Higgs — salty snacks
  • Jade Dragon — Chinese food
  • Kaskey’s — soups
  • Kurtz — condiments
  • LeCour’s Finest — cookies and crackers
  • McDaniel’s — coffee
  • Malone’s — canned meats and beans
  • Mantia’s — pasta and Italian
  • Morning Delight — breakfast food
  • Nature Trails — wholesome snacks
  • Panner — peanut butter
  • Port Side — seafood
  • Portman’s — salad dressing
  • Save Today — low-end discount products
  • Señora Verde — tortillas and tortilla chips
  • Skillet Masters — meal mixes
  • So Cheezy — cheese products
  • Tío Santi — Mexican food
  • Westcott — cooking oils
  • World’s Fair — frozen desserts
  • Wylwood — canned vegetables

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