Personal Finance Strategies That Can Make You Rich (In One Year!)

How EXACTLY would you achieve big financial targets in a year?

When it comes to achieving financial independence, focusing only on one issue would not help in the long run!

The First and only lesson I’ve discovered in the last year after being more knowledgeable of my financial health is that there isn’t just one thing you ought to do. A variety of factors are at work, ranging from saving to growing capital.

You might be thinking you work all day and save in bank also you can splurge but that money won’t be enough in coming times.

Let’s talk about coffee habit.

Often we hear skip that habit it costs $5 daily.

If we follow that advice we would have saved $150 a month, well lets be honest will that make any impact in your life?

Don’t get me wrong but these small expense will build into big expenses in future. Don’t worry I’ve compiled all the ways you can reach financial freedom early.

Here are the ways you can follow to reach the Financial Freedom early and also don’t have to penny pinch ever.

1. Start Investing

Saving Money isn’t enough it’s actually counter productive instead you need to invest to grow your money, it’s all due to the inflation factor that hurts more.

If you see any wealthy people on the magazine usually forbes, business line they usually showcase people who are top 1% and most of them actually build their fortune by investing.

Here I have attached a photo below that shows what $1 in 1960 can get you today.

Inflation is the rising price due to lot of factors and that’s not stopping by anyday. So whatever money you have its will loose it’s value gradually so grow it.

As you invest your money grows multifold and it’s actually money creates money you don’t have to do much after investing its called compounding.

You might say it’s genius, yes it is.

Very few understand how compound interest can change your life its start slow but down the line it creates magnitude of money that you can’t even imagine.

Here are my list where your money remains safe and grows steadily.

1.Lending Club

When you invest with Lending Club, the money goes into helping other people get out of debt, start companies, get vehicle loans and financing, or get medical care.

The entire process takes place online, eliminating the necessity for the awkward face-to-face meetings that we often encounter when applying for bank loans. Lending Club’s average return ranges from 5.06 to 8.74 percent. (It’s a significant event)

And, according to Lending Club, 99 percent of investors who applied and invested with the company saw a favorable return.


Swell Investing was created to assist users in making socially responsible stock investments. Investments in renewable energy, clean drinking water, and better health are among them.

Swell demands a minimum spend of merely $50, making it suitable to inexperienced and young investors.


Only micro-investing account that accepts spare change. Set it up in less than 5 minutes and it will automatically add money to your diverse portfolio.

Acorns has already raised over $1 billion in funding. Their monthly fees begin at $1. (completely free for college students).

Acorns is upgrading the age-old practice of saving loose change by combining the simulation environment with an automatic savings mechanism.

The software analyzes your associated visa or mastercard purchases and invests the difference in a computer-managed asset base.

3.Generate Different Revenue Streams

I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to have numerous revenue streams. Inc.com reports that

Sixty-five percent of self-made rich people had at least 3 sources of income.

45 percent of self-made millionaires must have at least three revenue streams.

Five or more streams of income accounted for 29% of self-made wealthy people.

The main idea behind needing multiple streams of income is that if one of them is not performing well, the others can compensate for the losses. And if they’re all doing well, you’ll make a lot more money.

With today’s technology, there are innumerable ready to establish a side hustle and earn additional income from it.


Blogging is among the most profitable online businesses available, and with the right strategies, you can grow much faster than in other ways. But it’s not always about the money; sometimes it’s about the lifestyle it offers-

  • There are no set working hours.
  • Work whenever and wherever you want.
  • There is no one else to report to but you.
  • There is no earning limit.
  • The ability to spend some time with family.

Do you believe it is too old to learn a blogging biz and that it is too cutthroat now?
That’s nonsense!

There are people who are living their dreams fully based on blogging

Logan and Caroline (makers of money done right) began their blog in 2017 and are now earning more than $30,000 per month in August 2018.

Suzi (creator of start a mom blog) opened her blog on January 18, 2017, and by the end of September, she had already earned $200,000.

2.Virtual Assistant

The average hourly wage for a Virtual Assistant is $35 to $50 (although some VAs make nearly $100).
That’s $400 per day (working 8 hours) for a monthly total of $12,000 or more.

Some people would prefer operational or data-driven tasks, which is exactly what a virtual assistant’s job entails. This could be something to consider if you’re looking for a new job or even a side hustle.

In the last three years, demand for VAs has increased by 95 percent. People nowadays are looking for virtual assistants who can constantly manage social media, edit content, write blogs, and do other things. Gina Horkey’s course will teach you how to become a sought-after virtual assistant in 30 days.


In the last three years, demand for VAs has increased by 95 percent. People nowadays are looking for virtual assistants who can constantly manage social media, edit content, write blogs, and do other things. Gina Horkey’s course will teach you how to become a sought-after virtual assistant in 30 days.

They earned $133,000 by flipping items in 2016. That is enormous.

You can learn how to flip items for a profit here, where they instruct you how to flip products at an expert stage.

4: Establish Your Own Emergency Fund

Emergency doesn’t knock your door everyday it come with surprise and nobody likes that surprise.

Do you have emergency fund for the next 12 months? What if you never planed it yet

Do you have job security insurance, what if your employer does mass layoffs?

Do you have health insurance and does it cover everything? What if it doesn’t?

There are always what if, so to avoid that thing you have to build the emergency fund to suffice that void.

For a relax,tension free life you need emergency fund for that to care of it.

How do start emergency fund?

Start small, save from what you earn consistently.

Atleast 6 month emergency fund would be necessary to start with.

If you follow these then you can start whatever hobby you feel starting without ever thinking what about my bills to pay.

5.Loan Refinancing and Debt Management

Loans payment are the most hated thing in the world.

Loans are the future we buy in present and to make it access the middle man charges interest for that and that’s where the refinancing comes to play to lower our burden.

As a student we all took loans for our undergrads or masters and it’s the costliest thing we all do in our young age.

But what we miss during that time is we could lower our burden if we use loan refinance companies like Lending Tree that helps students the cheapest way to get student loans.

After studies the next big loan purchase we do is buying a house and Lending Tree also helps with Home Loan Refinancing and Reverse Mortgage .

We can’t ignore cars they are one of the expensive purchase we do on our first year salary, As per LendingClub Auto Refinance average person saves over $5000 or loan refinancing. Thats a great deal.

Basically loan refinancing is a great way to save money on same item during the loan tenure without any change of terms. That’s a great hack in finance.

I’m glad you reached till here, let me know in the comments what next article is hould research upon.

Stay Safe, Eat Healthy, Spread Love😊