Is the LEVOIT Core 300 worth the price? Discover Now!

It’s a corporation with a lot of new ideas in the market, LEVOIT. Among their many excellent air purifiers, we’ll be focusing on the LEVOIT Core 300.

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With its smooth, quiet, and efficient characteristics, the Vista 200 has gained a reputation. The Core 300 was released, and it immediately improved upon the Core 200..

Design of the LEVOIT Core 300
An air purifier with a great design, the LEVOIT Core 300, is simple and effective. Observe how well this Core 300 model performs in a variety of scenarios.

The white and grey colour scheme of this smartphone is stunning. Stylish and sleek, the touch panel is in black. The 360-degree air inlet ensures a steady flow of air. Plastic is BPA-free. iF Design Award holder because of the device’s amazing aesthetic.


In addition to the Original Filter, LEVOIT Core 300 includes a pre-installed filter that is designed to eliminate dust, allergens, and small smells. In our experiments, we utilised the device’s native filter, however it may also be used with additional filters. Toxin absorber filters, mould bacterium filters, and pet allergy filters are all available.

A pre-filter, a real HEPA filter, and activated carbon make up the original filter’s three-stage filtering technology. Particles larger than 1 micron in diameter are removed by the pre-filter. Primary filter life may be extended by using a clean pre-filter.

99,97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns can be removed using a real HEPA filter. The last line of defence against foul smells is the activated carbon filter.

Every six to eight months, the filter should be changed. However, if you detect poor airflow, an unusually foul smell, or other problems with the quality of the air, you may remove the filter sooner.

Pre-filters should be cleaned on a regular basis to extend the life of the filter. Before replacing the air purifier’s filter, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the device and remove any collected dust.

LEVOIT Core 300 Specs

The Core 300 has a unique sophisticated engine with extra capabilities. As a result of this setting, it is very quiet throughout the night. QuietKEAP Technology, which also decreases noise, is to be credited.

Only 46.4 dBa is generated by the engine when it is running at its lowest speed. 52.9 dBa on the second speed, and 64.9 dBa on the third. Only 40.7dBa can be heard when night mode is on. These numbers may differ from the official ones since we used A-weighted decibels in our measurement instrument.

The LEVOIT Core 300 remembers the fan speed and will function at the same speed on the following run if the setting is left same. This air purifier is the ideal size and weight for travel. It’s tiny enough to sit on a table yet substantial enough to stand on its own.

A 45W engine powers the LEVOIT Core 300. In terms of energy consumption, it will not have a significant impact on the cost. This gadget consumes up to 0.8 kWh when left in standby mode. Running this air purifier for a month at the average US energy cost of $0.12 per kilowatt-hour means you’ll spend around 3.8 dollars on electricity.

Filters must be changed on a regular basis, usually every six to eight months, and this is the most expensive part of operation. Follow the recommendations in this video to prolong the life of your filter.

Core 300 is designed to fit into a 215-square-foot space. Five times an hour the air is filtered in such a space. We’ve put this air purifier through its paces in a variety of settings. The air quality in the 194 square foot space improved more rapidly than planned.

AQI went from 111 to 8 in one hour at the maximum pace with LEVOIT Core 300 Test. 93 percent of the air quality has been improved. The AQI level reduces to 6 after 30 minutes. AQI was reduced from 145 to 12 in under one hour in a 320 square foot space, which is greater than the recommended room size for an air purifier.

We believe the most important factor in this device’s impressive performance in our tests is its strong third speed, which generates a massive amount of airflow. In terms of air purifiers’ ability to remove recognised allergens like dust and pollen, the clean air delivery rate (CADR) is a numerical indicator.

The greater the CADR, the more effective the air purifier is in general. The Core 300 has a CADR of 141 for smoke, 140 for dust, and 145 for pollen in a 215-square-foot room. You may be certain that your money will not be wasted thanks to its Energy Star certification.

The LEVOIT Core 300 is a well-known air purifier, thanks in part to the fact that it performs well even in a bigger space than the manufacturer recommends.

The End of the Story

An added bonus of this air purifier is that it’s simple to maintain and costs next to nothing, and that’s on top of the four filters that come with it. In our opinion, the LEVOIT Core 300 is the best little yet strong air purifier for those who need to clean 215 square feet of air.