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United Airlines Baggage Tracker | Track My United Bag

Baggage tracing

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires passengers to provide a baggage reference number when filing a claim.

This helps TSA track luggage and prevent lost items from being stolen. However, it can take up to 30 days for the agency to respond to your request.

If you are unable to locate your baggage, please complete the form below and select “Continue.”

You will receive a response within 24 hours. A representative from the Baggage Resolution Service (BSR) will review your information and determine whether there is sufficient evidence to reunite you with your missing item(s).

To expedite the process, we recommend including as much detail about your bag as possible. Include the following information:

  • • Your name, address, phone number, email address;
  • • The airline, flight number, date and time of travel;
  • • Any special instructions regarding your bag;
  • • Any identifying marks such as stickers, logos, etc.;

Baggage Refund

Airlines are required by law to provide customers with proof of delivery of their luggage.

  1. If the luggage is delivered and the customer does not receive it, they must wait 30 days before filing a complaint with the airline.
  2. After 30 days, airlines are allowed to charge up to $200 per checked bag plus fuel surcharges.
  3. If the customer pays for the bag, they can file a claim for reimbursement.
  4. This process varies depending on the airline policy. Some companies allow passengers to request a full refund of the ticket price if the bag is lost.
  5. Others require the passenger to submit documentation proving the loss of the bag.
  6. Once the claim is submitted, the airline will either issue a check or credit the passenger’s account.

United Airlines allows travelers to track their bags online. To do so, go to united.com/bagtrack.

Baggage Claim

Baggage Claim in United Airline

United Airlines professionals handle and transport customers’ baggage with care.

They ensure that every piece of luggage reaches the destination safely and securely.

Baggage handlers work hard to make sure that passengers receive their bags on time and without damage.

However, united airlines are unreliable for the poor quality of luggage, normal wear and tear, overpacking, or inherent defects.

If something goes wrong with your bag, contact the airline immediately.

You can file a complaint online or speak to customer support representatives via phone.

Damaged Baggage

If you find your luggage damaged while travelling, it’s important to know what you’re supposed to do next.

Baggage Fees

United Airlines is planning to charge passengers $35 for each checked bag, according to a report published by CNN Money.

Baggage Fees in United Airline

This is a significant increase from the current rates of $25 per bag. The airline is also considering increasing the price of overweight bags to $100.

United already charges a fee for carry-on luggage, which ranges from $10-$15 depending on the flight.

The increased costs could put pressure on customers to reduce their travel habits.

If people start avoiding flying altogether, it will hurt the bottom lines of companies like United Airlines.

A recent survey conducted by the International Air Transport Association found that almost half of respondents had planned to cancel their next international trip because of rising fuel prices and security concerns.

Baggage Policy Details

United Airlines baggage policy for the Basic Economy Class includes one carry-on item, one personal item, checked baggage (fees apply), overweight and oversized baggage (fee applies per item), sports equipment (fees apply).

How much United airlines charge for baggage?

United Airlines offers passengers several options for calculating baggage fees.

You can use the Baggage Calculator on the airline’s website to see how much it costs to check bags.

The site provides information about baggage fees based on the type of ticket you purchase and the number of bags you’re checking.

The airline’s website says the fee varies depending on the flight distance, length of trip, and whether you choose economy, premium economy, or business class.

For example, one way travel from New York City to Los Angeles via Chicago costs $75 for three pieces of carry-on luggage; one piece of hand luggage costs $25.

Airlines often offer discounts on certain types of tickets, such as those booked within 24 hours, or those that include a free upgrade to premium seating.

What to do if your flight is canceled and you already checked your bag

If you’re planning to fly out of one city and arrive in another, it pays to keep tabs on your luggage.

You never know what might happen during those long layovers. And if there’s no way to reach you? Your belongings could end up somewhere else entirely — even if you haven’t checked them yet.

Here are some things to consider if your plans change and your flight gets canceled.

How to determine if your luggage is lost

1. Locate the baggage desk for the airline that operated your final flight.

If you’re flying internationally, there are additional rules about how long you have to wait for your luggage to arrive.

In most cases, international flights require passengers to check bags at least three hours prior to landing. For domestic flights, the waiting period is usually 24 hours.

The first step is to locate the airline baggage desk. If your entire trip was booked through a single airline, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

However, if you were part of a connecting itinerary with another airline, you’ll want to file a lost/stolen item claim with the operating carrier of the last leg of your journey.

This is because the operating carrier is ultimately responsible for delivering the bag to you, even though it might not have been delivered into its system.

3. File a missing baggage report.

If an agent cannot find your bag, it needs to be reported. But don’t panic. Follow these steps to ensure that you’re doing everything possible to locate your luggage.

  • 1. Visit united airline site. This online tool lets you enter detailed information about your bag and your trip. You can even add photos.
  • 2. Print out the form and take it to the airline counter. Most major carriers offer a free 24-hour reporting service where you can drop off your forms and pick up an automated response within minutes.
  • 3. If you still haven’t found your bag after 48 hours, call the airline’s customer service department. They’ll ask for your itinerary, flight number, ticket number and contact information.
  • 4. Fill out the appropriate section of the form based on what happened. Include the following:
  • • Your name, address and contact information
  • • What day and time you arrived at the airport

4. Ask what the airline will cover.

When I filed my claim for lost luggage, I was told that the airline would compensate me for “reasonable expenses,” including hotel accommodations, meals and incidentals.

So far, so good. But I wanted to know how much the airline would pay for those items.

And I asked specifically about amenities such as toiletries, snacks, beverages, etc., because I didn’t want to count things like toothbrushes and shampoo.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that airlines don’t typically reimburse for “luxury” items like bottled water or snacks.

However, I did find out that many airlines do reimburse for travel essentials, such as clothing, shoes, and electronics. This includes charging cards, cameras, laptops, tablets and phones.

The most important thing to remember when filing a claim for lost luggage is to ask what the carrier will cover.

If you don’t ask, you might end up being reimbursed less than you expected.

Track shipmentsTrack shipments

The Track and Trace feature allows you to track multiple shipments per transaction.

Track shipments

You can enter either the airway bill number or the shipment confirmation number to start tracking.

Once you are done, simply hit “Submit.” Your tracking information will be displayed on the next screen.

You must use the same email address used to register the account. If you do not know the confirmation number, please contact us via phone or email.

Take pictures

Sonita Lontoh lost her luggage while flying from California to Indonesia.

She posted about it on Facebook, hoping to help others avoid the same fate. After waiting weeks for an update, she received one on July 21st. Her suitcase had been found.

But there was no photo attached to the post. Instead, Sonita got a text message from the airline explaining what happened. “The good news is that we did locate your checked baggage and it is safe!” the message read. “We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

Sonita still doesn’t know exactly how long her luggage sat in Singapore. But she does know that taking a picture helped expedite the process. “If I had taken a picture of the label, it would have been much faster,” she says.

Turn on your phone

Paul recommends doing the same thing if you ever experience a similar situation. If you don’t want to use your phone, there are plenty of apps out there that will help you find lost items.

For example, Lost & Found Locator helps people find things such as wallets, phones, keys, cameras, laptops, etc., by tracking where you left the item.

You’ll receive notifications about the location of lost devices via email, SMS/text messages, push notifications, social media posts, or app alerts.

Don’t forget insurance

If your airline loses your luggage and it takes longer than expected to find it, don’t panic. You likely have coverage through your credit cards or travel insurance.

After 12 hours without luggage, however, you can file a lost and delayed baggage claim claim to be reimbursed for the cost of a hotel room, food, transportation and missed flights.

While you and the airline work together to recover and deliver your luggage, a travel insurance policy kicks in and reimburses you for essentials like toiletries, clothing, medications and electronics.

United Baggage Tracking

United Airlines offers one feature of online check-in to their passengers which helps to know the status of their luggage quickly.

This feature allows customers to check the status of their bags online through the united app. With this feature, customers can follow the progress of their bags even when they are away from home.

To use this feature, you need to make sure that you have a ticket booked with checked luggage.

To access the baggage tracker, go to the united app on your smartphone, tap on travel info, and then choose baggage information. From here, you can track your bags directly.

You can also check the status of your bags through the united website.

Just log into your united account and select travel information from the drop down menu.

Then choose baggage information from the list and it will show you the current location of your bags.

United Baggage Claim Status

The United Airlines lost my bag status is what I call it. They had lost my bag status because of the delay in processing my claim.

This happened due to the fact that I did not file a claim within 24 hours of receiving notification of the lost bag status.

My flight left Chicago on January 7th, 2022 and arrived in San Francisco on January 8th, 2022. It was supposed to arrive in San Francisco on February 8th, 2022.

In addition to losing my bag status, I also missed out on $200 in checked baggage fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know whether my bag is being held at the airport?

A: You can check the status of your lost bag on the United Airlines Lost Baggage & Terminal Tracking System. Simply enter the information about your lost bag into the system and follow the instructions.

Q: Can I find out how much my bags are worth?

A: Yes, you can use our calculator to estimate the value of your lost items. Just select the type of item from the dropdown menu and enter the weight, size, and manufacturer. Then, you can calculate the approximate value of your lost item.

Q: Will I receive my lost items?

A: Yes. Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you via phone call, text message, or e-mail within 24 hours. We’ll let you know where to pick up your bag(s).

Q: Is there anything else I should know?

How To Get United Missing Baggage Claim?

United Airlines handles all lost luggage queries directly, without outsourcing to any third-parties. This makes it easier for customers to track down their lost items. If you are looking for information regarding United Airlines lost luggage policy, here is what you need to know.

What happens if I lose my bag?

If you lose your bag, you must report the incident within 24 hours of missing the bag. You can do this online via the Lost Luggage Form.

  • Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that the issue has been logged.
  • In case there is no response from us, please contact our customer care team via phone number 1-800-241-6828.
  • You can also call up the customer care team anytime during working hours.
  • I am unable to access my account because my password is incorrect. What should I do now?
  • In case you are unable to log into your account due to wrong password, you can request for a new password by calling up the customer care team.
  • They will ask you some questions related to your identity and provide you a temporary password.

Once you get the temporary password, you can reset your password by following the steps mentioned above.

Lost Baggage

United Airlines announced that it had declared a bag lost on May 31, 2022. The declaration was made on July 9, 2022, according to the airline.

The airline stated that the bag was lost during travel between San Francisco International Airport (San Francisco) and Chicago O’Hare International Airport (Chicago), and that the bag was traveling on one of the carrier’s flights.

According to the airline, the bag was reported missing on June 2, 2022. On June 10, 2022, the airline received the bag and placed it into storage.

On July 3, 2022, the airline notified the customer about the loss and advised her that she could file a claim.

You can claim reimbursement as per United lost baggage compensation policy. The airline will reimburse you for the following items:

• Up to $3,600 (USD) for domestic lost baggage

• Up to $1,770 (USD) for international lost baggage


How to track luggage united airline

  1. Go :https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/help/faq/mobile-bag-tracking.html
  2. Select “Track my bags” from the menu in the top left corner or go to “View reservations.”
  3. Enter your reservation information
  4. You’ll know when your bag has arrived at the airport, and when it’s ready to go through customs. And if you’re traveling internationally, you can check where your bags are located before they arrive at the destination.
  5. Currently available on the United app only.

This is the full guide on how to track luggage united airlines.