How to set up Chipolo on your Android phone

How to set up Chipolo on your Android phone?

What Is A Luggage Tracker🧐?

There are two kinds of luggage tags out there: the manual one and a smart one😟.

  • Manual ones are the old school type where you write down your information on a piece of paper, stick it inside your bag, and hope everything goes smoothly.😏
  • Smart ones, on the other hand, use GPS technology to help you keep tabs on your stuff. They’re even able to alert you if your bag gets stolen.🧐

The smart luggage tag works differently than most other luggage tags because it uses a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy and GSM/GPRS technologies😮 to communicate with your phone.

This allows the luggage tag to send notifications to your smartphone whenever your bag moves outside of a certain radius. You’ll know exactly where your bag is at all times😇.

The Chipolo is a small device that attaches to your smartphone😇 via Bluetooth and helps you track where you are.

Once paired, you’ll see a blue dot on your map😬 wherever you put the Chipolo down.

You can use the Chipolo to find things like keys, 📲phones, 💳wallets, etc., and even locate 👨‍👩‍👧people if you’re worried about them.

The Chipolo works with both iOS and 🤖Android devices.

You just need to download the 📲Chipolo app and follow the instructions on how to set it up. After you do that, you’ll be able to start 🛤️tracking your items.

Selecting Chipolo features.

The Chipolo is one of those gadgets that can do ☺️everything.

  1. It’s a tiny speaker that doubles as a 🔦flashlight, a 🗝️keychain, a USB charger, and much more.
  2. But there are many things you can configure about it, including what🎼 sound it makes when someone presses the button.

There are five different tones🎼 you can choose from, ranging from a simple buzz to a full-on siren🚨.

And if you’re looking to set up a specific event, like setting off an alarm🔔 every time you lose your car keys, you can program that too.

Tracking items with a Chipolo.

How to set up Chipolo on your Android phone?

Chipolo makes tracking things easy😌. Just download the free app📲 onto your smartphone, pair it with the Chipolo tag, and start tracking.🛤️

You can even add multiple tags to one object, such as a bag or suitcase.

When you’re ready to track something else, just reattach the Chipolo to another object.

If you want to see where your tagged objects are located, simply open the mobile app📲 and tap on the map view.

A list of nearby Chipolos appears along with a brief description of each one.

  • Tap on the Chipolo you’d like to follow, and you’ll see its current status on the map🛤️.
  • You can also use the Chipolo app to set up alerts for specific locations, such as when the bag leaves home.🏡

For example, you could turn on “Out of Range Alert,” ‼️and receive a notification 🔔whenever the Chipolo is no longer visible on the map. Or you could set up an alert based on distance traveled.⛰️

Delayed or lost baggage?

If you arrive at the 🛃airport and cannot locate your luggage, there are several things you can do.

  1. 😱First of all, don’t panic. There are many options available to help you out.
  2. 😧If you want to know what happens next, check out our guide “What happens if my luggage gets delayed?”
  3. 😥 can also try contacting the airline directly.
  4. 😰In most cases, it takes about 24 hours for the airline to deal with the issue.
  5. 😨If you still haven’t received anything by then, you can fill out a claim form and send it via email. This usually helps.
  6. 😦Airlines typically offer compensation for delays, depending on how long it lasts.
  7. For example, American Airlines offers 🤑$100 per day up to 🤑$1,500 for delays over seven days. Delta Air Lines gives away free meals 🍔and snacks during delays.

If you’re lucky enough to find your suitcase later, make sure to check your PIR.🤓

🙋🏻‍♂️The property irregularity report contains information about your case, such as the name of the carrier, flight number, and the type of bag. 😌You can use this information to contact the airline again.






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  2. […] Chipolo works with both iOS and Android devices. You just need to download the Chipolo app and follow the instructions on how to set it up. […]