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6 Methods To Purify Air Without Buying Air Purifiers

How to purify air without the need of air-purifiers is the need of the hour.

Its a privilege to have a fresh air indoor environment due to lots of pollution and smoke outdoor Air Quality Outdoor has deteriorated over years .

Air purifier are great no doubt,But they are not affordable also due to changing of filters every 6 months interval for better functioning of the air purifier. So we got-to find the alternatives to save money on both electricity and the cost of affording air purifier.

I have listed the most affordable and effective methods to keep air pure and fresh:

1.Importance of plants

Plants helps to convert harmful chemicals into oxygen.

I bought some herbs like thyme, rosemary ,snake plant and placed in all around the house to get the air filtering started.


Activated charcoal are easily found online, also can be searched as active carbon, these are odourless and has a high absorption capacity. It helps removing any toxins from the atmosphere.
These are the best and effective way to remove any unwonted toxic chemicals from the atmosphere

3.Essential oils

Essential oils including, cinnamon, rosemary, oregano and tea tree may be used to eliminate viruses, bacteria mould and fungus. They helps tp keep the atmosphere clean by removing bacteria from the air.

4.Beeswax Candles

Use beeswax candles and not paraffin candles, which emit pollutants when burned. Beeswax candles ionise the air which remove hazardous pollutants. They burn slowly therefore long lasting.

5.Salt lamps.

All salt crystal products can eliminate airborne irritants like allergies and illnesses by eliminating water vapour.You can get this from here.

6. Turn On Ac

Any kind of air-conditioning system can filter your air easily. You have great air filtration disposal because when you turn on the AC the air condition take the air and pump it back to you in between there is a filter that actually purifies the air instantly thereby automatic air filter happening all the time , it’s always mandatory to clean the filter at least every month so that you get pure air all the time.

Implementing these simple methods , we can enjoy the fresh indoor air without splurging bucks.
These simple solutions to keep our health healthy will give us a happy peaceful experience everyday.

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