How to Pack Suit in Suitcase

How to Pack Suit in Suitcase

It’s very difficult to pack a suit in suitcase due to its size and dimension.

You may gently fold your suit in a few different ways to prevent noticeable creases and wrinkles.

Before Packing.

First find all the items that would be packed along with the suit.

Try packing all the other items first and then put the suit on top of it this way there won’t be any wrinkle on it.

What size suitcase can you carry on a plane?

Check this video : What size suitcase can you carry on a plane?

Also explains what size suitcase do i need in plane for carrying suits or any kind of formals.Hope that helps!

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Where can i buy a suitcase near me?

You can easily find nearby luggage store by searching on google.

If you can wait and order online then Amazon should be enough!

How to Pack Suit in Suitcase

Try Carry-on Suitcase Method:

If you think the wrinkle would be there in large suit case due to presence of other items then carry on suitcase would be the best bet.

Whenever you buy Carry-on suitcase make sure its XL in size (Check Airline Guidelines).

Wrinkled Suit

After all precautions still you might get wrinkled suit then it’s advisable to get a garment steamer along with it .

If you don’t want to carry steamer also don’t want to carry in any suitcase then its better you flying with it.

Although you might look serious in the entire trip and its not comfortable at all but you saved from hassle of packing suit in suitcase.

How to Pack Suit in Suitcase
How to Pack Suit in Suitcase

How to Pack a Suit Jacket

Packing any bulkier items needs more creativity that’s why most people consider wearing one in the entire trip.

These two methods will definitely helps you to pack suitcase to maximize space during your flight journey!

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The Old Method:

  1. Place your suit jacket face down on a flat surface.
  2. With the sleeves flat, tuck the left shoulder of the jacket inside toward the centre of the back.
  3. Do the same with your right shoulder. Along the rear of the jacket, the sleeves should come to a point where they are parallel to one another.
  4. The garment should be folded in half from bottom to top, with the hem finishing just below the neck.
  5. Flip the suit around with the lapels facing up by gently sliding your fingers beneath it. You need to have a neat square.

Dry-Cleaning Bag Method:

Try folding your suit in a plastic bag that way you wouldn’t have a problem with creases and wrinkles suit.

This method is excellent if you don’t have the time or patience for a more intricate fold.

  1. A dry cleaning bag should be inside of your suit jacket. Use a broad, strong hanger, don’t forget.
  2. Beginning from the bottom, fold up toward the collar. Without forcefully pushing down on your suit coat, force air out of the bag.
  3. Put the item of clothing in your suitcase. swift and easy.

Check this how to pack a suit in a suitcase video!

How to Fold a Dress Shirt for Packing

1: Lay the shirt flat (make sure it’s buttoned up).

2:Fold the sleeves across the back.

3:Fold the sleeves up so the cuffs reach the collar.

4:Fold the sides so they meet in the middle.

5:Fold in thirds.

How to Pack Dress Shoes

1.Fill up shoes with socks and underwear.

2.Place the shoes inside the suitcase

3.Pack items around shoes

to Fold and Pack a Suit Into a Suitcase
How to Fold and Pack a Suit Into a Suitcase

How to Pack a Waistcoat and Cummerbund

Occasions can knock at your door any time and thus your Three-piece suit or cummerbund has to be ready to shine. But storing these formal apparel demands space, time and ‘proper techniques.’ We are not wearing them daily. So proper packing and storage will keep these formals evergreen and occasion – worthy every-time.

How to Pack a Suit in a Carry On
How to Pack a Suit in a Carry On

Waistcoat can be packed by folding along the center vertically on the back seam and then make one more fold horizontally. In total two folds are to be made.

Cummerbund : It is to be rolled vertically and then put it in a shoe.

Already mentioned above what size is a carry on suitcase to buy for!

How To Pack Clothes in Suitcase

1.Checklist Method

Deciding what to take and what not on travel is a big challenge.Thereby make a list of clothes you intend to wear on different days at different time.

For example you should take 8 shirts and 5 pants on a 12 day trip and have at least 5 socks to wear each day.

2.Carry a Sheet of Paper.

A sheet of paper will maintain the fabric wrinkle free and intact.

Just slide the paper after each clothes its that easy.By doing so you will find new space and can easily fit more things easily.

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This guide also follows for packing a suit in samsonite 30″ suitcase or suit in victorinox suitcase!


Over-packing harms the suits and other formals so avoid! Do follow the tips mentioned above for pack a suit in a suitcase without wrinkling it during the trip. Following these tips will save time during the trip and spend quality time with your family!

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