How To Pack A Suit In A Small Carry-On (2023)

How to Pack A Suit In a Tumi Carry on

How much luggage should I take when traveling abroad? How do I get my clothes wrinkle free? What size suitcase should I bring? These questions might seem trivial, but they can really add up when packing for a trip.

When you travel internationally, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t over pack or under pack. The key is finding the perfect balance between too little and too much luggage.

There are several things to consider when packing for a trip overseas. For example, you need to factor in the climate where you’re going (e.g., hot weather), the time of year (e.g., summer vs winter) and the length of stay (e.g., short term vs long term).

How To Pack A Suit In A Carry On

Packing a suit to reduce wrinkles.😊

There are many different types of 👨🏼‍✈️suits – formal, casual, sporty, etc. Each type requires a different way to pack it.

You don’t want to end up with a wrinkled suit because you packed it wrong.

Here’s how to pack a suit in a carry-on suitcase🧳.If you’re headed out of town for work, it might seem like packing a suitcase just got easier.

But how do you pack a suit in a carry on bag without wrinkling it? We’ve rounded up some tips and tricks to help you avoid those dreaded creases.

1. Choose the right suit👨🏼‍✈️.

The best way to make sure your suit 👨🏼‍✈️doesn’t wrinkle is to choose one that fits well and is easy to wear.

If you plan on traveling with a suit, try to find something that’s slim fitting, since it’ll likely fit better in your luggage🧳.

Also consider choosing a 🟦darker color that won’t show stains and wrinkles easily.

2. Pick the right travel size.

When you buy clothes online, most retailers offer several different sizes. However, there are usually only three options: small, medium, large.

While you don’t want to go too big, you also don’t want to go down a size either. Instead, opt for a🛩️ travel size — they typically come in a smaller size compared to what you’d normally purchase.

You can also invest in a few pairs of 👖pants and 👕shirts that are slightly larger than normal.

This way, you can pair them together and use the extra fabric for layering.

3. Layer strategically.

Layering is key to keeping your clothing looking good while traveling. For example, if you know you’ll be wearing a 🧥jacket over a dress shirt, layer underneath accordingly.

When possible, layer dark colors under light ones, and vice versa. And if you really want to keep things simple, pick solid colors 🟦that compliment each other.

If you’re flying next week, it might be time to pack up those old suits and find out what packing light really means.

4. Choose the right travel bag.🎒

A carry-on suitcase 🧳is fine for short trips, but for longer ones there are better options out there.

Don’t forget about compression sacks, such as the ones designed to help keep pants wrinkle free. These aren’t expensive, but they do require storage space.

5. Pare down your wardrobe.

If you’ve packed a lot of suits already, you might consider paring down your wardrobe even further.

This way, you won’t have to worry about picking the perfect combination of shirts👚 and ties🤵🏼‍♂️.

Instead, stick to three solid pieces. For example, a button-down shirt, a sport coat and dress slacks.

If you tend to wear black, consider adding a white button-up shirt to your rotation.

6. Keep your accessories minimal.

Make sure your pants 👖fit properly. Pants👖 are probably the most important part of your outfit.

If you have a full suit, make sure that you can bend comfortably while standing still 👖and move freely when walking.

7. Do one last check before you go.

Plan ahead. Before you head to the airport✈️, think about what you’re bringing.

Figure out what size suits you normally wear, including trouser sizes, jacket sleeves, shoe sizes, etc.

Then, figure out how much room you have left in your case. With this information in hand, you can plan accordingly.

8. And Remember!

You are always welcome to come home🏡 again.If you’re packing a suitcase 🧳for a trip, it might seem like there are too many things to think about. But there really aren’t. You just want to make sure that everything fits into your carry on bag🧳.

Issues While Packing A Suit🤕

As soon as you put on your suit jacket🧥, you’ll notice some creases forming along the arms and shoulders. This happens because the fabric doesn’t stretch very well😣. And since the fabric won’t stretch, the material will wrinkle over time.

To avoid this problem, try one of these three tricks:

1. Choose The Right Suit👨🏼‍✈️.

If possible, choose a suit that has less material. For example, a slim fit suit will take up less space than a regular cut suit.

2. Wear A Tie🎀.

Even if you don’t wear ties often. Ties help keep the fabric flat, helping to prevent wrinkles.

3. Use A Garment Steamer♨️.

Steaming suits helps eliminate wrinkles by loosening the fibers. Many hotels🏨 offer steamers♨️ in guest rooms. Or you could bring your own portable steamer♨️.


Avoid packing too much into one suitcase.🧳 You can add a few items such as toiletries, a change of underwear🩲, socks🧦, pants👖, shirts👔 and jackets, depending on where you’re travelling. For example, if you’re heading off to India🇮🇳, make sure you have plenty of warm clothing, especially if you plan to visit the North Pole during winter.

  1. First things first – pack clothes into your suitcase that have been worn less than once. You don’t want to put in clean clothes if they’re going to get wrinkled!
  2. Next, lay out each piece of clothing on top of your suitcase. Be sure to place pants at least two inches away from shirts. Make sure everything fits together well before packing it in.
  3. Once you’ve laid out your items, fold them neatly and stack them inside your suitcase.
  4. If you have any extra space in your suitcase, fill it with anything else you think you’ll need, like toiletries or books.
  5. Finally, take time to organize your wardrobe by placing similar pieces together and folding them neatly.

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