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How to open VIP suitcase lock without key

Last week July 2022, I just bought a new suitcase for my post Corona travel needs also it’s was available for a discount so can’t miss that.

This was my suitcase, love the build and of-course the reviews made my decision a clear buy.

Soon after I buy I did a grave mistake of forgetting the key or you may say password and that was a nightmare.

how to reset number lock in skybag suitcase or how to reset vip suitcase lock

Suitcases that came with zippers can be opened by jamming a pen into the middle of the zipper.Just simply “zip up” the suitcase, just simply move the zippers ( lock still attached) back and forth.

I even seen security staff at Airport’s trying to open a suitcase with a simple pen when there aren’t anyone associated with the bag.

Here are few my favorite YouTube videos that came as savior :




These two videos made my life easy.

Query like how to set number lock in vip suitcase or how to unlock vip suitcase combination lock here is the answer step by step.

1.Try Unlocking the lock first.

Put in the right combination and make sure it unlocks.If the vip suitcase /skybag is new, then the combination probably came with the “000.” as preset.

2.Search the reset button.

The vip/skybag lock will have a little reset button on the bottom or side of the lock. You may need a toothpick /pen pen, or can use pencil to push the button in and begin the resetting process.

3.Input new combination.

In the meantime holding resetting button try enter your new combination in the lock. Change it to whatever you’d like. Just write it down somewhere either in Google keep or some notebook which you carry daily.

4.Now release the button.

Now you’re almost done, release the button, and you’ve reset the lock.

This summaries how to open suitcase number lock

This guide might also mean for how to unlock number lock suitcase or how to open number lock suitcase

I hope this simple tricks would solve your issue.

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Thanks for reading my short take on opening vip suitcase without key.

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Let me know in the comments what interesting way you used to open your locked suitcase.

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