How To Fix Suitcase Zipper

How To Fix Suitcase Zipper

Suitcases zipper are strong enough to bear any rough handling at airport,trains or anywhere .But things can go wrong sometimes!

No need to buy new suitcase rather you can repair it by following my guide on how to fix suitcase zipper!

If you don’t want to read below you can search online about”Fix Suitcase Zipper near me” and get it fix right away.

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How to fix a suitcase zipper

Whether your zipper is broken,damaged jammed all these can be fixed .

This guide also works on fix zipper on bag,fix zipper on purse,backpack,handbag or even fix zipper on golf bag!

There are many ways to solve zipper issues!

Issue: Suitcase Zipper Stuck In between.


Use tweezers to remove any cloth that is trapped.

Once the teeth are freed, you should have no trouble sliding the zipper up and down.


If indeed the zipper has still been caught, use lip balm.

Try gently dragging the zipper up and down after rubbing it on the zipper teeth close to the zipper slider.

Issue: Suitcase Zipper separated

Solution : Need Pliers

Use pliers to align the zipper’s teeth by moving up and down.

 Fix Zipper of your suitcase
how to repair a zipper on a suitcase

Use lubricant(lip bum,coconut oil) for friction less move.

Issue : Most Common Zipper Slider In Between

Solution: Use wax candle

Wax candles helps to smooth-en the way and magically solves the issue instantly.

Fix Suitcase Zipper

Then add coconut oil for better lubrication to move the slider easily in the zipper.Also less friction and smooth movement of the slider.

How To Fix Suitcase Zipper
How To Fix Suitcase Zipper

Fixing Zipper with fork

This method help you to install any new slider on a new zipper.

As you get the slider into the zipper then move up and leave the fork.

This way you easily install new zipper.

How To Fix Suitcase Zipper

How To Fix Suitcase Handle

If you’re lucky, the baggage comes with a worldwide lifetime guarantee, in which case you may relax for repair-free service before you even start looking for a screwdriver.

How To Fix Suitcase Handle
How To Fix Suitcase Handle

Additionally, the majority of baggage spare parts are readily accessible on eBay and Amazon, so buying pricey original components is not a concern.

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This few methods has been helpful to me in emergencies and I hope it will be same useful for you as-well.

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