How To Fix Suitcase Wheel

How To Fix Suitcase Wheel (2023)

You reached your destination ✈️and found out you wanted to throw away your suitcase due to broken wheels,well don’t do it! This guide on how to fix suitcase🧳 wheel will solve your problem fully.

Luggage🧳 wheels spare parts are easily available and can be fixed easily and saves money💰 on purchasing new suitcase🧳! This is an excellent guide on to fix suitcase wheel.

Steps to fix suitcase wheels!

1.Clean the surface.

Sometimes dirt remains on the joint of the wheels so clear them off before you proceed any further.

2.Buy Right Tools.

Check whether the screws at the wheels are riveted or just simply screws.

Riveted method are different from screw due to different types of tools required.

Take a photo and search online for same size wheels or go out and ask an repair shop for the same but still can’t figure out contact the luggage 🧳manufacture for the details.

3.Using roller blade wheels.

Sometimes original wheels are hard to find in this case try replacing with roller blade wheels which are easily available on amazon under $5 🤑and easy to replace.

How To Fix Suitcase Wheel(2022)
  • For that you’ll need hacksaw and Flathead screwdriver.🪛
  • For wheels you’ll need nuts and two-inch truss head screws🪛 and skateboard wheels.
  • To remove the old rivet, disassemble the other parts, including the wheels bearings and nuts, and set them away, use a hacksaw to cut thru the cord⏺.
  • Since you will require them for reassembling the new roller skate wheel🛞 . Remove the old suitcase wheel and replace them in the new Rollerblade wheel🛞.
  • If you bought screws🔩 that aren’t matching with same color you can spray paint them.
WoodPro Fasteners AP9X2-1 T25 1-Pound Net Weight 9 by 2-Inch All Purpose Wood Construction Screw
  • Grab a 2″ screw, replace the initial washer. Slip into the new roller skate wheel🛞 and bearing assembly, ending with the actual nut which came with that as well, then if desired, take additional block tightly to provide an extra stronger binding.
  • Make sure you do the same with other wheels🛞 for equal performance of wheels.
XHow To Fix Suitcase Wheel

This will last another 50 trips and great memories created in between.

4.Using original tools.

Finding original tools on amazon will be a best option as there are manufacturers who don’t have a specific site but makes the luggage wheels🛞 available on amazon for easy distribution of suitcase repair kit.

As wrong wheels will hamper your bag movement also your travel so its better buy original wheels 🛞for easy travel.

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5.How to remove luggage wheels?

Follow this guide on how to fix suitcase wheel.

  • Wipe the wheel 🛞to ensure that it is not jammed.
  • Determine the diameter and thickness of the wheel to choose the appropriate replacement.
How To Fix Suitcase Wheel(2022)
  • Take out the screws 🔩that hold the wheel clamp in place within the casing.
  • Remove the holder that holds the wheel🛞 to that same casing.
  • Disconnect the old worn-out wheel from the wheel 🛞case’s outside.
  • Place the replacement wheel on the baggage, making sure the pipes on the wheel bottom line up with the slots in the baggage🧳.
How To Fix Suitcase Wheel
  • Return the holder to its previous spot within the case.
  • Adjust the screws🔩 holding the clamp in position.
  • If you need to clear any scratches then buy suitcase repair tape.

Still need help?

Check this video on how to fix suitcase wheels🛞:

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Other Suitcases Issues.

Fixing Suitcase Handle.

Problem:The luggage handle has been stuck in the closed position.


1.A standard screwdriver🪛 would suffice.

2.Slid the screwdriver🪛 between both the pushbutton and the casing to clear any jams and fix the problem.

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Fixing Suitcase Zipper.

  1. To remove any caught fabric, use tweezers.
  2. You should have no problem moving the zipper up and down after the teeth are loosened.
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These are the rules if you follow diligently you can surely fix your suitcase wheels easily!

Suitcases are made out of poly-carbonate material and disposing is hard so fixing them is the right way to save environment and also saves money 🤑which can be better spent on creating memories.

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