How To Fix Suitcase Handle

How To Fix Suitcase Handle

Planning a trip and suddenly found the suitcase handle is broken and its worse the trip is next day .What to do? How to fix suitcase handle?

Worry Not! I’ll surely help you how to fix suitcase handle with easy techniques!

  1. Before you begin finding screwdriver try finding your warranty card or invoice details first as you might be lucky that the luggage comes with worldwide lifetime warranty so you relax for free of cost repair.
  2. Also most of the luggage spare-parts are easily available on eBay/amazon so nothing to worry about expensive original parts.
How To Fix Suitcase Handle
How To Fix Suitcase Handle

For trouble shooting follow these steps:

1.Press down the handle where the handles releases backward.

2.Check if the handle working as earlier.

3.Did the handle stuck in between sliders ,check any damage also check does the spring works?

After checking all these you are better to go next Step.

Issue: Luggage handle is stuck in the close position.


1.A simple screwdriver would be fine.

2.Try sliding the screwdriver between the button and the case,It will clear any jam and the issue solves.

Also check the video solution:

Issue: Luggage handle is stuck in the open position.


1.The telescopic handle are stuck due to misalignment of pins

2.The telescopic handle pins are not getting in touch of the mechanism.

Check this video solution:

If you can’t watch the video follow the steps below:

(Time Required: 20 min.)

  1. Open the suitcase make sure you can see the telescopic handle(there’s always a zip that allows you to access these handles)
  2. Try pushing the button and see if it releases external handle but it gets stuck in those tiny holes where handle stays then it’s an issue.
  3. Make sure you have this item handy to fix this.Then try roll the tape around the handle holes so the metal remains inside the case and not stuck in those tiny holes.
  4. Issue is solved.

Issue:Luggage lock get stuck.

Solution: Check the full guide below:

Issue: The handles not reaching the system.


Time : 30 mins

Need :Screwdriver.

  • In this issue the telescopic handles not reaching the ground system so its just move up bit not gets locked to the system when handles put down.
  • A simple flat screwdriver will be fine then open the screws of the metal handle outside .
  • You might see worn out wires.
  • Its a common issue for most of the luggage bags.
  • The find a filer to fine the wire make sure its straight.
  • Also check How to Straighten Wire.
  • If the handles are not going down then this item will help you
  • Just roll the at tiny holes of the handle case so that it can move freely without getting stuck.

How To Fix Suitcase Zipper

How To Fix Suitcase Zipper

Problem:Zipper stuck in between problem.

Solution: To free any caught fabric, use tweezers.

You shouldn’t have any problem moving the zipper up and down after the teeth are unlocked.

Wrote a full guide on all issue you face with fix zipper on bag, purse,backpack,handbag or even fix zipper on golf bag!

Fixing Suitcase Wheel.

When original wheels are unavailable, try replacing them with roller blade wheels, which are inexpensive and easy to replace on Amazon.

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Finally the guide on How To Fix Suitcase Handle will help you get your luggage fix .

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This guide was made in collaboration with luggage experts who design many renowned luggage brands across world.

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