What Is The Best Way To Clean Air Purifier Filters? – You Have The Ultimate Guide In Your Hands

Despite the fact that the primary role of air purifier filters to block all pollutants and clean the air, these filters seem to be clogged with dirt particles on a daily basis.
What are the different kinds of air purifier filters?

” how to clean air purifier filters?”

A typical air purifier has three primary filters: an activated carbon filter,a pre-filter, and a HEPA filter, all of which are arranged in a certain order to ensure that works properly.

Pre-filter to HEPA filter to Activated carbon filter is the usual sequence. Other air purifiers, on the other hand, may place the filters as : pre-filter to carbon filter to new HEPA filter. Therefore don’t get these installations mixed up. The main thing to remember is that the cleaning procedures will differ.

What are the requirements for cleaning air purifier filters?

Filters clearly blocked with pollutants, as can be observed. The first to do is clean them. Take these steps before you start.

A screwdriver is required
a soft cloth or a microfiber fabric
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A hairstylist

To begin, double-check that they are suitable for cleaning. Filters that are not washable must be changed.

perform it on a cold day and in a dry location to avoid moisturizing the filters.

  • To avoid receiving an electric shock, turn off and unplug all of the electricity . Wipe the purifier’s whole surface with cloth .
  • Move away the cover from the machine. Filter sections on certain bigger versions may need a tool to reach. (If you’re having trouble, see the manufacturer’s printed or online car handbook.)
  • Move away the pre-filter from the system.

This zone is where dust, dirt, and other particles collect. You should proceed with caution when removing these contaminants. After you have removed the debris, use a moist cloth or a hair dryer to remove the stubborn pieces from your filter. Keep in mind that this is removable so storing it clean is unnecessary if you have time to replace it. It`s best to remove.

HEPA filter should be removed.

  • Remove the carbon air filter from the system.

To clean washable HEPA and carbon filters, gently wipe them with a soft cloth or paper towel. Let’s replace the non-washable filters with fresh ones. (If you’re unsure about your vacuum, contact the manufacturer for more information.)Dust and specks may be sucked up with the vacuum and dried with a hairdresser.

Be sure to reinstall the filters in their proper sequence, after they have been cleaned. Check the automobile owner’s manual if the correct order is not easily found. Disconnect the purifier cables and plug them back in after installing the filter to finish installation procedure. Test your purified water system to make sure it works properly. If these steps are not followed, say goodbye to your expensive purifier and get a new one!


  • How frequently I should clean or change the filters in air purifier?

The pre-filter should be cleaned and replaced monthly, the HEPA filter every 12 to 18 months and the carbon filter every 3 to 6 months. Permanent filters should be changed when they become damaged every three months.

  • Is it possible to wash and reuse HEPA filters?

HEPA filters are often used in air filtration systems and may be modified to work for a longer period of time by removing and cleaning them. If a HEPA filter is washable, follow these instructions to carefully wipe it clean; if the HEPA filter is not washable, it should be replaced with a fresh one after some usage.

A clean, dry cloth maybe used to wipe down the purifier’s surface. A soft brush may be used to loosen dust collected on the air filters. To renew the purifier, simply remove the filters and wipe them down with a soft cloth.


It’s important to be mindful of the installation and maintenance paperwork for any electricals in your home so you can find out more. Make sure to clean filters on regular basis to make it last longer and have clean air quality.







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