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How much luggage do you usally carry?

When I pack my luggage I intend to pack as per my destination!

  • 1.Family Vacation(7 days): Carry-On Luggage.
  • 2.Office Trip:Cabin Luggage.
  • 3.Solo-Trip:Rucksack/Backpack.
  • 4.Motorbike Travel:Tank Bag/Saddle Bag.

How much can carry-on luggage weigh?

The average airline has a maximum of 7 kg, although individual airlines may have varying policies. Before boarding, contact or research your specific airline online.

How many 100ml bottles can I take in hand luggage?

This has happened recently with me.

I was traveling to Bali and at the airport I knew 100ml bottle is not allowed so I didn’t carry but I had my AXE deodorant they discarded

Prior to the security check no more than 100 ml of liquid in any one format is permitted.

You’ll be asked to discard everything else by the TSA.

Even at Dubai I was carrying a toothpaste since the original tube weighed 250 g. I vouch for their being less than 60 g of toothpaste remaining.They simply discarded it!

Over and all it all depends where you’re headed to!

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