How I saved $3000 in 6 months

Take a cold shower before you read this cuz there are things that you might not like to know how you spent wasted your money last year shopping for unnecessary items.

The worse part is I bought things I don’t need.

You might ask me then why did I buy in the first place.

The only three-letter word I can say “it looks cool.”

There aren’t only products I bought. There are services too I purchased for the sake of it without even using one day.

For example, going for a movie first-day first show, thanks to pandemic I saved a lot, then eating out due to some kind of new cuisine in the town or deals going on or just for the sake of it.

The most indeed service I paid for is Gym Membership for too long. I wish I made body like Chris Evans, considering the amount of money I paid for years.

These small things always seem less when we buy initially, then slowly, these tiny amounts add up in the long term and create a big black hole that’s inescapable.

My 2 cents,

Whenever you installed any online shopping app, just disable the notification of that app. It allows you to stop your urges to spend or fall prey to unnecessary offers that you don’t need.

I can genuinely say it works for me, and I have saved thousands of dollars from impulsive buying.

I think I have said enough about myself.7 ways to save money on a tight budget.

Saving money is a goal I’ve started working on seriously during the pandemic when I lost my job. Sometimes situation marks you take a hard decision which you won’t accept when things don’t seem to. It’s a good habit to nurture and use in daily life, best place to save money.

Here you go, the 7 ways to save money in daily life. I have personally used all of them to save some money, tips to save money.

1.First, talk about health.

I hat to going to the gym, yeah you read it right. Similarly, I hate paying for a gym membership don’t know why I can’t explain; I feel the whole gym business works of not going there daily.

I think everyone who pays taxes should have the right to a free gym membership, me daydreaming .

Currently, I found Aaptiv, and it saved me a lot of money.

What it does is it has personal trainers living inside your phone, don’t worry. They only wake up when you want to or say when you open the app.

Aaptiv has a great selection of personalized workouts, guided workouts ranging from the treadmill, strength training, yoga, and much more.

All these great selections of workouts at just $9.99 per month. Which is way cheaper than my costly gym membership.

Trainers are hardworking enough to make sure you achieve your goal by the end of the schedule, making it more interesting to join, at least if somebody focuses on my routine and makes me work even more challenging.

Start for FREE FOR 30DAYS

2.Earned Money While Losing Weight


That’s right, you read that correctly. I’m not joking.

A program “Healthywage” wellness challenge that pays you to lose weight.


JOIN HERE, Calculate your weight, Choose your weight, lose weight goal within the period. If you achieve your Target Goal.HealthyWage will reward you with the prize you choose starting ($10,000)maximum.

Trust me, they are in this business since 2009. I mean, 11 years doing the same thing is no joke. Come on, give it a try.

For more verification, check Good Morning.

3.Save Money When You Shop Online.

Shopping Online has become necessary than a want. I mean, who doesn’t like online shopping? If you are one of them so do use these tools next time. Mind you all are free.

Honey: Honey is a browser extension that uses AI to automatically scan and apply the best coupons during the checkout process. This makes sure you permanently save money when shop online.
Ebates: I believe you won’t mind if you save v something whenever you buy something without any membership fee. SIGNUP! Guaranteed Savings just like Honey.
Drop: I know you have more than one debit card and credit card lying around; just convert all purchases made on them into rewards that are useful in day-to-day life buying, unlike Airmiles that nonfrequent air travelers have little or no use.


I know the only thing that comes to your mind is Survey. Please area it further before you make your judgment.

Survey Site: Vindale Research, Survey Junkie, and Swagbucks are the genuine ones I came across that allows you to make money the easy way, I know it’s not enough, but it’s a low-key activity you do when you feel bored and use that time to earn something, can’t say you totally ignore altogether.

5.Make your Idle Money Run

I know you have already more than one savings account and don’t want another one shortly. If I tell you as there’s a bank you can open that gives more than 7x than your regular savings account in the same category and 30x more than a traditional savings account, easy ways to save money.


6.Sell Old Stuff

My mom yells at me due to my collecting habits. Kid you, not. I have ancient old Nokia phones that in working condition that might get me easy $20-$50. Also, I have T-shirts that I never wore. Honestly, at the current moment, I feel I wasted money like anything. I Mena, I don’t need any of this stuff anymore. I just want to deck utter everything and wants a minimalistic space I wish for.

‘cleanliness is next to godliness ‘
One needs to clean to have a clear vision. I use this “declutter” app for everything to get rid of my old stuff. Also, don’t forget eBay. They are a legend since the 90s era.

7.Disposal Money into Rising Income.

Invest extra money that you don’t rewrite in the near term. It’s not just stock, ETF or not.

It’s just the next level id savings account rate.

It’s called Lending Club. Your money disburses to different people who need that money. Customers need money to get what they want, pay tuition, solve debt issues, pay medical bills.

If you see on the surface, your money isn’t actually going to act as collateral to the lender to meet regulation requirements.

The rate is primarily impressive ranges from 5-8.7%

Lending Club

P2P Lending
Avg Return:5-8%
Maintain a good Credit Score for fast disbursal

Start Investing

These are just a few ways I came across that actually worthless, but you need to be patient and persistent to let it work.

Diversify income is the key. For the last year save money live better was my motto, it saves me over $3000 by doing this small stuff that kind of adds up over a long period.