Frugal Living Ideas : 32 Frugal Ideas That’ll Change Your Finances

Frugal Living is a smart living lifestyle that one could lead to reach early financial independence.

What is Frugal Living? Or what does frugal living mean?

The true frugal living meaning is a way of life in which you make wise financial decisions that will benefit you and your family in the long run.

How frugal living saving money works?

The frugal living lifestyle always brings better financial treatments to money.

Rather thinking when to start frugal living habits you should do how to frugal living in 30days?

Shorter time period commitment leads to bigger goal clarity as how things gonna look like.

The frugal living tips from the great depression.

In the 1920s in the United States, it was the Roaring Twenties in the United States.
The economy was doing exceptionally well fantastic, and then the stock market crashed in 1929.

During the 1930s, the market crashed dramatically.
a lot of people had to get really creative in order to The Great Depression.

It was a time to save money.

As it is known, and it is during this time that they we accomplished a lot of things that we can still do.Despite the fact that it has been a century.

To prepare every meals from the ground up. This, I believe, is one of my favorites. Any way you do it, it’s actually healthier.

frugal living nw

It will most likely take longer,spent time cooking with your family.

Cooking from the ground up take advantage of your leftovers.

I really enjoy leftovers. In fact it tastes much better the next day.

So far, I think it’s fantastic.

Buying second hand automobile, it’s pre-owned rather than brand new one.

Speaking of which, I’ve only used pre-owned items,clothes are some of the frugal living during great depression, tight budget frugal living are some of the frugal living ideas from the depression.

Extreme frugal living is very hard thing to do but basic steps are always welcomed.

Frugal living reddit link is here: r/Frugal, A great reddit frugal living community on internet.

Also this frugal living forum is an active community on internet.

You won’t believe people still searches for frugal living tips 2016 or frugal living tips 2015 that are still relevant in 2021.

The frugal living ideas or say guide to frugal living is here :

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Martin Luther King, Jr says “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” well that holds true in most part of our decision in life.

Budgeting is the first step on the mission of getting smart with your money.

Budgeting involves lot of tracking that involves:

-Tracking Income

-Tracking Expenses (bills, subscription, fees,)

-The amount left to save

Start Today maintaining a simple excel sheet or use any app that involves tracking that will be great start towards budgeting

Get your FREE budget Tracker printable, you can use every month to track your budget a d be smart with your money.

2.Track Expenses

Be alert when you spend something is the first step. Frugal Living is all about be sensible about your expenses.

Whenever you buy something just ask yourself do you really need that or just want that?

Because there’s a subtle difference between need and want.

Need is the thing you can’t live without and Want is just another wish that may or may it fullfill your need.

So it’s that simple, just be sensible!

3.Smart Shopping

Smart shopping is all about being smart with better discount or cashback that gets you similar item at low prices elsewhere.

Also Frugal Person doesn’t bother about any brand they don’t care about glamour they just need the item to get the work done, that’s it!!

You won’t believe me if I tell you that you can shop online anytime of the year and still get discounts even when there’s no sale or discount given by the store.

I bet you won’t believe me, but tell you what there are some app and sites exists that make it possible! 


Rakuten Rewards – Ebates has become Rakuten Rewards which gives you all time discounts on every purchases made online. Just SIGNUP FOR Rakuten Rewards, and then go to Amazon, EBay or any sites and shop as usual that’s it!!

It’s a great tool i discovered last summer and been a blessing in disguise for my budgeting, you should try next time.

4.Sell Old Items

I know you have heard the term minimalistic lifestyle well that’s exact is Frugal Living.

Minimalistic lifestyle basically is getting rid of stuff that you don’t need in life.

Saving Money Smartly is good thing but that would never gives you access to buy whatever stuff you want, You have to be sensible when you spend.

Don’t leave the earth with redundant stuff be with minimal stuff.

I do sell my stuff on deckutrr app that’s actually fast and easy way to sell stuff onkine.

I know its easy to say that to be done but believe me I have been in your place and took this decision and been much happier than ever before.

The app “decluttr” and Poshmark might just come handy in this situation where you can sell your unwanted stuff online and make money from it.


5.Make Food For Work

This is for people who have the habit to buy lunch outside for work and don’t have time to make it one.

Making lunch for work not only helps your health but saves money.

Small steps leads you reach to the bigger goal.

6.Be conscious on your waste.

How many times you have thrown away expiry foods out of the refrigerator?

Or Bought something for onetime use and never used again.

if you start noticing such small waste you do, you might realizes how much money you have wasted unnecessarily

7. Learn Cooking

If you have met me in 2017 you would be surprised with the amount of food ordering apps I had in my phone and you would be more surprised with my number of orders.

Food was 50% of my expenses and it was giving a big shock to my wallet, I wasn’t a foodie still such huge spent it all cause of the cost of the food.

The amount of times I ordered and the amount of time I actually made some food has significant gap.Thereby I was on the loosing side.

I ordered food because I was tired, lazy, not in the mood,etc

There was a noticeable love handle in the mid section of my body and it wasn’t a proud moment and that day I decided I need to change my habits.

Make it a practise to cook as many of your food from scratch as feasible, even if it’s just one a day at first.

8.Never Discard Leftovers

There are times when there are leftover food in the bowl and pan and couldn’t eat anymore. Then don’t just discard leftover food instead store them in fridge and heat it up next time you eat.

This way you save effort of making new food also save money in making food.

9.Have A Food Budget

Food budget helps us to save excess food and also eat out less often.

This is a great tips for frugal living.

Tracking your expenditure with applications like Mint or Yolt is an excellent way to get an approximation as to how much you spend on food every month.

10.Don’t Make Excess Food

Meal prepping is one thing, but cooking in large quantities increases the probability that some parts of food will spoil before being consumed. As a result, cook frequently and in little amounts.

11. Buy certain Food in Bulk

Non-perishable items such as jams, pasta, and rice should be purchased in bulk. Buying in bulk when possible is a great way to save money while also stocking up your household.

12.Reduce your meat & dairy intake

Meat and dairy products are among the most expensive foods available in any grocery store. If you can eliminate those from your grocery list, it will have a significant impact.

There are several myths about how eating dairy and meat on a daily basis will help you build muscle and keep your bones strong. Check out the Netflix documentary “What The Health?” for more information.


13.Take Note of How Much You Waste

Simply being more cautious and intentional about how you use products in your home can be a big lesson in how to be frugal.

When do you throw out food which has passed its expiration date? Or do you buy something that you use once and then put it in a corner, never to be used again?

Gadget & Electronics

14. Never Auto Save Credit Card Details

This is a new trick for me, but if you don’t save your credit card information for autofill when shopping online, you could save a lot of money on impulse purchases.

Considering cancelling your pricey TV subscription that no one watches in favour of some of those less cost alternatives (and if you obtain a shared account, there’s even more cash in our wallet!).

I recommend joining up for Trim, a tool that automates the process of cancelling previous subscriptions and negotiating overdue amounts.

15.Cancelling TV Subscription

Who needs a TV subscription nowadays when you got Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube combination, they accounts 70% of my watching habits.

I cancelled my subscription in 2019 and it’s been a blessing in disguise, I remembered I use to pay for sports pack when I just need one sports to watch but you know they bundle everything to sell.

But not anymore, I use shared account of my Netflix and YouTube Premium and the savings are 90% of the original cost.

But I know my parents are old school and they want TV subscription and I can’t argue with that so I signup to TRIM services, It’s a service that automates the process of cancelling old memberships and renegotiating overdue bills.

16.Get Past Transaction Cashback

Yes you heard it right.

It’s completely legitimate! If the price of an item you previously purchased has decreased, Paribus will give you a rebate.Paribus will instantly provide you with a cash refund.


17.Drink More Water

Avoid any type of drinks that involves sugar content like fruit juices, beer, any alcoholic drink.

Drinking a lot of sugary might cause a lot of health problems. Sweetened beverages consumption is strongly linked to excessive weight gain.

Reduce your expenditures on carbonated drinks and high-priced takeout coffees, and enhance your health by drinking lots of water rather than other beverages as a default.

18.Have High Virtue

It means a behaviour showing high moral standards.

Why I’m saying this because high moral standards saves you from bad vices such as smoking, drinking, gambling, drugs, etc.

Quitting such vices will lead to a good health and mind and it’s more costly saving than any other things I mentioned.

19. Changing Mode of Transport

During this pandemic I bought myself a bicycle and it’s a great purchase I considered.

If you walk or cycle instead of driving, you can save a lot of money on gas each month and improve your fitness.

When possible, go for a stroll or a bike ride. If you can’t walk or ride your bike to your destination, take the bus or Uber Pool.

Home, Clothing and Beauty

20. Buy clothes when in need.

You don’t need to change wardrobe every season like they advertise.

Buy clothes when you can’t continue with the existing one.

21. Checkout at Thrift or Vintage Stores.

Thrifty ideas frugal living, Thrift shopping has been increasingly popular among frugal people in recent years, and it’s a terrific way to get high-quality clothing and home décor for a fraction of the price.

22. Discard Useless Items

We all have objects spread much about house that are completely useless and only exist for nostalgic reasons.

Clear these stuff from your closet or garage by working a bit harder. Donate, recycle, or sell them, but get rid of them. These objects are unlikely to be utilised or worn, and are simply cluttering up your home.


23. Change Utility Provider

New customers are always been lured with discounts so us that to save money.

Trim has a fantastic function in that it will contact your utility/billing companies on your behalf to negotiate your conditions.

24. Avoid Late Fees

Don’t put off paying your expenses until the last minute! Make sure you pay your bills, utility suppliers, and any other services you owe on schedule.

This is a very easy tip, but people often overlook it. Simply remaining organised and paying your bills on time can prevent you from spending any more money than required.

25. Bring Carry Bag when shopping

There are times when we just go outside for a walk and end up buying something and leads to pay for carry bag and that bag end up piling in pantry.

Instead carry a small cotton /jute bag when going out that way you not only save money but save resources.

26. DIY when possible

If you broke something try to fix it if possible rather discard altogether.

If paint has been peeling off at some part of your room try fix it by DIY paint rather calling up a pro painter for such small work unless you do renovation.

I use wikihow for all my small fixes and they really works most of the time.

27. Don’t hoard excess pantry stuff

Try to be more conscious of how much detergent, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and other household staples are used. Also, if you have children, make sure they aren’t wasting anything. I used to waste a lot as a kid!

28. Wash Clothes Carefully

Have you seen that side cotton sticker that hang around on every clothes.

That says wash with warm water or don’t iron,yeah that sticker.

Simply follow the washing directions on your apparel to avoid any unintended shrinking or damage. When you buy something and then wash it on the wrong setting, it’s one of the worst feelings you can have.

29. Check Your Local Library

Using your library membership is another excellent approach to save money. Libraries are for more than simply books. Many of them have movies, TV series, and audio books available. Members can also borrow complimentary local attraction passes from some libraries.

Some libraries provide free Wi-Fi, which really is convenient if you need to get out of the house for business but wouldn’t want to spend more money at a coffee shop. For additional information on available perks, visit your local library’s website or speak with a librarian.

30.updating soon.

frugal living tips for seniors






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