What To Look For When Buying A New Doorbell Transformer

When the bell isn’t functioning correctly, you might need to replace the transformer.

What is the Purpose of a Doorbell Transformer?

A doorbell transformer reduces the high voltage of electricity entering the house to a level that a low-cost video bell can manage.

Power reaches the residence at 120 volts, but a regular doorbell can only take about 12-16 volts. The extra power reaching your home would fully overload and destroy the doorbell if you didn’t have a transformer.

What is the Function of Wired Doorbell Systems?

The keypad on your bell is likely mounted in the front of your house.This bell is wired directly to the bell transformer, which would be linked to the home’s main power system.

Electricity is transmitted through the transformer when someone pushes the doorbell button. It is transformed from high voltage to low voltage power, roughly 12-16V, here. This power that permits the bell to ring or ding without exhausting the device and burning it.

Where’s my doorbell transformer is located?

Since you are intending to change your bell transformer, you must first locate it. Its not like every-other systems .All doorbell are differently manufactured by many brands but its clearly visible check the images to understand better how it looks like.

In the Attic

For convenience, numerous electrical lines in some houses go up and through the attic.

In the Garage

When your apartment’s electrical grid is most readily accessed via a garage switch, an electrician may have installed the bell transformer there. This ought to be quite simple to locate and access.

In the wall interior

The most straightforward and practical location for a bell transformer is within the wall, next to the installed bell chime button.

What Effect Does the Doorbell Transformer Have on a Long Chime Receiver?

A bell extension connects to the electrical system of your wired bell, which contains the bell transformer. These do, nevertheless, trigger the bell receiver remotely, which enables for the longer range.

What are the steps for replacing and installing my latest bell transformer?

  • Whenever your property is indeed constructed or completed a cordless buzzer could be a better alternative.
  • A temporary solution for the time being to have a buzzer when someone’s at the door.This avoids the need to explore the home’s power wiring for the bell transformer or cut any critical cables or walls.
  • The bell transformer should be accomplished before the drywall is installed, so you can access the cables that run throughout the inside of the walls.
  • Bell transformers & ringing detectors are powered up by 12-16 voltages and need 18-gauge cabling. Ensure that this cable leads straight from the transformer to the bell buttons or beep, which is installed on the outer wall of the home beside the entrance, while installing the bell transformer.
  • Ensure the transformer is put between both the pushbutton and the home’s electrical grid.
  • For setup, connect the black cable to the screw and the white wire to the neutral screw. These lines enable electricity to pass via the doorbell transformer, where it is transformed to a voltage level and then transmitted to the apartment’s power system and door chime.
  • Using a voltage meter, test the doorbell transformer by tunning the meter to 25VAC


Looking to install a new video surveillance, know the location of the doorbell🔔 transformer. After that check the transformer before you start installation so to ensure it gives sufficient power supply to the transformer for fully function. 






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