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Google SEO Tools : List of 31 FREE SEO TOOLS FROM GOOGLE⚡⚡

Here is a list of the 31 Google SEO tools you must know about and use, as an SEO.

Google, thankfully, continues to make quality web tools available to us, SEOs, which allow us to better understand, diagnose, and optimise websites.

I have collected a big list of Google SEO tools that everyone should know about and utilise, for that reason I have made this particular one rather extensive.

Ready? Let’s get to the point.

#1. Google Search Console (GSC)

Google Search Console is the leading #1 me

thod for analyzing how search engine-friendly your site is, how fast your site loads, how much organic traffic you’re getting, and so on. You can use the tool to investigate your website’s organic traffic (clicks), position, CTR, keywords, and other traffic data. In addition to identifying technical flaws in your site’s SEO, Google Search Console also teaches you about these issues.

It’s important to note that GSC is actually made up of dozens of more particular SEO tools that I will reveal to you lower down the list.

#2. GSC Core Web Vitals Report

You can gain useful information about your webpages’ performance by taking a look at the Google Search Console Core Web Vitals report (also sometimes referred to as field data). The report gives an overview of the three Core Web Vitals measures and shows how each measures is distributed across each of the different pages of your website. The Core Web Vitals provides you both mobile and desktop data.

#3. Google Search Console Insights

The new SEO tool from Google is called Google Search Console Insights. The more you know about how your site content performs in search, the better you’ll be able to make it. It will give you even more in-depth data, such as the total number of page views and average page view time in the last 28 days, information on your new material, your most popular content, and so on.

#4. GSC Mobile Usability Report

You can find out what problems your website could cause for mobile users with the Google Search Console Mobile Usability report. This category of difficulties includes content that is too big to fit on the screen, text that is unreadable, interactive elements located in a place where you wouldn’t expect them to be, and viewport settings that are not properly configured. In the Core Web Vitals report, you can find groupings of URLs with similar issues like Mobile Usability.

#4. GSC Coverage Report

This Google Search Console Coverage report lists all of the URLs of your website and tells you whether there were any issues while Googlebot was crawling and indexing your site. On the main page of the Index Coverage report, each URL appears grouped according to the status of the URL. A status can be assigned to issues, warnings, and errors, as well as to something that is in one of the several classifications listed above (excluded from indexation).

#4. GSC Sitemaps Report

Sitemaps are detailed records of all the sitemaps published to Google Search Console, which may be used to examine sitemap structure and submission volume.

A Google Sitemaps report provides information to Google about any sitemap additions, enables one to monitor the history of sitemap submissions, detects when Google had trouble parsing the sitemaps, and alerts them to any faults they have found when processing sitemaps.

#4. GSC AMP Report

Google Search Console AMP report gives you the ability to investigate and identify any AMP-related issues that may be inhibiting AMP sites from appearing in search results for Google.

Viewing all of the AMP pages that have issues is made possible in the AMP status report’s top-level view. Each one of these pages has been organised based on their individual issues. When you click an issue, you will get a list of affected web pages and information about the issue.

#5. GSC Manual Actions Report

When a human Google reviewer determines that the pages of a certain website do not adhere to Google webmaster quality requirements, a manual action is given by Google.

When anything like this is brought to our attention, we end up either demoting or ignoring the website entirely. Users who find that their pages or sites have errors can use the Manual Actions report to make a reconsideration request.

#6. GSC Security Issues Report

This GSC Security Issues report compiles a list of all the symptoms that your website has been hacked or that your visitors’ computers may be damaged. Similar examples include phishing scams or malware installation on a user’s computer.

You can ensure your website is secure with the Security Issues report.

#7. GSC Links Report

You can view and evaluate your site’s backlinks with the Links report. To find out how many external connections each page has, simply click the link tool and it will show you the overall number of external links, the top linking sites, and the top linking text.

You may discover about the top linked internal pages of your site by analysing the links on your site. You will be able to export all of the link data for additional investigation. Because it helps you see exactly the links that Google views, the Links report is crucial.

While the Links report displays the nofollowed and disavowed links, keep in mind that it also shows you the sources that were linked to and disavowed as a result.

#8. Google Disavow Tool

You can use the Google Disavow function in Google Search Console, too. This tool is not present in the GSC interface, which is considered a very complicated software programme. Only through one of two routes may the utility be accessed: by Googling it or via a direct connection.

Use the Disavow Tool to help ensure that there are no link-based penalties should someone remove or disavow any of your low-value or spammy links pointing to your site.

Although Google says you should use this tool just to disavow the links you’ve generated for the goal of enhancing your site’s rankings, it’s recommended that you also disavow any links that you do not think you have created and intend to drive traffic to your site.

#9. GSC Crawl Stats Report

A Google Search Console crawl stats report details your site’s past crawling history (over the last 90 days). Another important way to examine Web server statistics is to count the number of web requests, calculate the download size, and examine the response time. In addition, the tool alerts you to any availability concerns (like server issues or problems with the robots.txt resolution).

#9. URL Inspection Tool

The URL Inspection Tool is intended to tell Google about the state of a certain webpage’s indexing. Mistakes associated with structured data, indexing difficulties, and AMP errors may be included.

Another notable feature is the ability to inspect current URLs, view rendered versions of webpages, view request URL indexing, and diagnose any missing pages. Additionally, the URL Inspection Tool enables you to see what canonical address Google has chosen for a given URL.

#9. URL Removals Tool

The URL Removals Tool allows you to remove certain pages from appearing in Google Search, which is a critical feature when you’re working to reduce your presence online.

The removal period has been set to 6 months as the default. Another feature is the ability to go through all of the removal requests, which will include those that are made by both owners and nonowners, as well as your URLs that might have been reported for containing adult content.

#10. Remove Outdated Content Tool

Remove Outdated Content enables you to check for outdated photographs and web pages and see which, if any, remain on the internet. The search result viewer is useful if the results page or image is significantly different from the updated results page or image.

#11. Change of Address Tool

This Google service allows site owners to alert the search engine that they’ve changed their website address, e.g. moving to a different domain.

You can get your new website address faster with the Change of Address Tool, since you’ll be able to immediately communicate with the search engine about the change.

It is not absolutely necessary to perform a migration with the programme, but it can help to speed up the procedure.

#12. Mobile-Friendly Test

The Mobile-Friendly Test is an attempt to better understand your visitors by looking at how well they experience your website when they use their mobile devices.

This test produces a report containing numerous criteria, including whether the font size is big enough to display the material, and if the content is fully visible on the screen.

The results are given in a ‘pass/fail’ style with information about any loading issues and suggestions for improvement. It provides you with a rendered screenshot of your site as well as the HTML source and allows you to see if the source or generated HTML is correct.

#13. Google PageSpeed Insights

The Google PageSpeed Insights tool is able to tell you the site’s desktop and mobile device performance, and it also offers advice on how to make the page load faster.

The score is made up of both real-world (field) data (if the site has enough traffic) and lab data (if the site gets Lighthouse audits), together with a performance grade that shows how well a page is doing.

#14. Lighthouse

This open-source programme is aimed to assist you in increasing the quality of your website’s pages. There are four separate audits at Lighthouse that focus on different areas of a webpage’s performance, including overall performance, accessibility, best practises, and SEO.

With Lighthouse, you can run a test against any webpage and generate a report detailing the performance of the page, along with ideas on how to improve that performance.

#15. Measure

Website developers will find out which factors are most important, such as performance, best practises (such as using HTTPS), SEO, and accessibility, while using the Measure tool.

Search results for these several categories will each include helpful suggestions for website improvement. Google Lighthouse and emulated mobile device are used for these testing (with a fast 3G network & 4x CPU slowdown).

You may view and save the history of the Web, as long as you are signed into your Google account.

#15. Chrome DevTools

Because the Chrome DevTools are an intrinsic part of the Chrome browser, the tool’s name has a double meaning. Other than these other items, these tools can be used to measure the speed, performance, accessibility, security, and more of a website.

The Chrome Dev tools provide further in-depth analysis of page performance, such as the First Paint, First Contentful Paint, Total Blocking Time, and cumulative layout shift metrics.

#16. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

The Google Structured Data Testing Tool makes it possible for website owners to experiment with and evaluate their structured data. There are two things you need to do in order to generate a report on errors or warnings in the code: copy and paste the code snippet or URL you wish to be tested, and wait for the tool to complete its tests.

This tool can be used to validate Microdata, RDFa, and JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for JSON) validation. As part of a move to improve the quality of the search results, Google is discontinuing the Google Structured Data Testing Tool and replacing it with Validator.

#17. Google Rich Results Test

Users can test the kinds of rich results their pages or sites are eligible for using Google Rich Results Test.

In order to find out if your web page’s structured data is capable of generating any rich results, you need run a Google Rich Results test. Another benefit of the tool is that it allows you to see how a given structure data set on your webpage may seem in search results.

#18. Data Highlighter Tool

Google Assistant, the service’s built-in feature, allowing you to help Google identify structured data trends on your site.

There’s no need to download a Data Highlighter tool, as all you have to do is highlight the data fields on your website using a mouse. Because the Data Highlighter cannot access pages that have not been recently scanned by Google, it is critical to note that it doesn

#19. AMP Test

Ensuring that your AMP page or Web Story is authentic and has the correct settings for Google search results is easily done using the AMP Test.

AMP Test is similar to the Mobile-Friendly Test in that it lets you read the AMP HTML of your page or Web Story, as well as shows you the AMP Test status.

#20. AMP Validator

AMP Validator is very useful for catching and eliminating faults and other issues in mobile web pages, and ensuring that they are AMP-compliant. Every page will be either pass or fail, depending on the results of the validator (implying that it is not AMP compliant).

#21. Google Alerts

The Google Alerts service was launched in August of 2003, and is connected to notification and detection of content changes. When you run a Google Alert for a specific question, you may monitor the search results.

By regularly scanning the internet for relevant new information, the Google Alerts feature alerts users anytime new results such as web pages, blogs, newspaper stories, or even scientific study, are found.

#22. Google Ads Keyword Planner

You may find new keywords for your website by using the Google Ads Keyword Planner. This free tool is useful for creating keywords related to your business that you may use to research the cost and potential traffic of targeting those keywords and searches.

Google Ads (paid search) has the keyword research tool, but you may use it to look for fresh keywords for your website’s SEO (organic search) efforts.

#23. Google Analytics (GA)

A web analytics tool called Google Analytics is provided by Google and is used for counting and reporting site visitors. Let’s take the search engine, for example.

In Google Analytics, you can learn about all the different sources of traffic that have been sending you visitors, such as search engines, other websites, social media, email campaigns, etc.

That tool also enables you to obtain comprehensive insight into your users’ behaviours, how much time they spend on various sites, the total number of pages your website has, and much more.

With Google Analytics, you can find out how well your items, content, and marketing are doing and how your website is doing. Please look at my introductory tutorial about Google Analytics 4.

#24. Google Data Studio

The Google Data Studio tool is great for visualising and presenting data. It is completely free of charge. You may construct dynamic dashboards with the tool, and use it to design personal and attractive reports. Our research shows that not only are the features simple and straightforward to use, but the Data Studio also makes it easy to schedule and share reports.

#24. Google My Business (GMB)

With Google My Business, you may manage your online presence on Google Maps, such as your address, phone number, or business category. GMB gives clients with basic information about local businesses, such as address, hours of operation, and other information.

Managing your business information, improving your contact with clients, and expanding your internet presence are all things that this application enables you to do.

#25. Google Trends

This website was developed by Google to do research on how popular the most often used Google search queries are in different languages and countries.

The search volumes for various searches are visualised in Google Trends using graphs. You may wish to see how a topic is trending in Google Trends before dedicating time and money to it.

#26. Google Site Kit for WordPress

This is Google’s official plugin for WordPress for helping you understand how your website is being used from the perspective of your users.

Get the latest and most authoritative insights about Google goods from Google with the Google Site Kit for WordPress (GSC, GA, PageSpeed Insights, and AdSense). The tool’s insights are available right in the WordPress dashboard.

#26. Google Open-Source Projects

A vast number of open-source projects are available, each of which can be utilised for a variety of purposes, with no strings attached. An open-source project is something that anybody can use, learn from, modify, or share without restriction.

The permissions enforced by an open-source licence are specified in the licence. GOOGLE’s open-source projects include OPEN SCIENCE JOURNAL, SPINNAKER, DART, PROTOBUF, FIREBASE SDK, KUBERNETES, SKIA, and DRACO.

#27. Google Cloud Natural Language

Using machine learning, this tool describes the structure and meaning of a piece of text. To better interpret client chats and social media opinions, you can utilise the Google Cloud Natural Language. Also, the programme is beneficial for users because it offers text analysis and connectivity with Cloud Storage.

#28. Google Web Tools

To improve your site’s structure, user experience, and, how it appears in Google search, Google Web Tools has several tools (some of which we have already discussed). Ad Experience Report, Abusive Experience Report, and Structural Data Testing Tool are included in Google Web Tools.

#29. Google Similar Pages

When you locate a page that you find fascinating and would like to examine other similar pages, using Google Similar Pages is a really useful tool. To aid you in finding similar pages, after you click the Similar Pages extension, Google will use your browser’s search query to discover other web pages that are similar to the one you’re currently reading.

#30. Google Safe Browsing Check

Google’s Safe Browsing technology checks an enormous number of URLs each day and finds all of the potentially hazardous websites. This programme will provide a warning on web browsers and Google Search if it detects a potentially dangerous website.

Entering the URL of the site you wish to examine in Google’s Safe Browsing Check tool will tell you whether or not the site is safe. While the Safe Browsing status of your site is reported in the GSC Security report, it is also listed in the Safe Browsing section of the GSC Safety Reports.

#31. Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX)

The Chrome User Experience Report is created from user measurements in the real world that measure users’ experience and metrics derived from that data. Data is collected from users who have sync history and the ability to turn on usage statistics reporting, have no Sync passphrase, and who also have allowed their usage statistics to be reported.

One way to access PageSpeed Insights, Google Search Console, the Public Google BigQuery Project, or CrUX Dashring Data Studio, is to use PageSpeed Insights, Google Search Console, the Public Google BigQuery Project, or CrUX Dashboard.

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How I Make Over $10,000 Per Month With These Side Hustles

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my Disclosure for more info.

In the first place why people search for Side Hustles to Full-Time Jobs?
  • New ways of passive Income that won’t drain their soul?
  • Or sick of living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Or do you simply want to try some Side Hustles to supplement your income?

Does this hold true?

Perhaps it’s time to take action.

The thing regarding side hustles is that, unlike most businesses, they are inexpensive to start.

But you got to give 100% effort to it,

And by yourself, I mean learning the basics of how to survive in a Side Hustle.

If you want to achieve financial freedom you should be setting target for yourself.

Spend time in researching all kind of ways you can reach that target. Side Hustle in a way will always be a beneficial compared to your main hustle since it takes less time and effort same as pareto’s principle 80-20 rule.


Now, without further ado, here is a compilation of the BEST Side Hustles you can start soon –

1.Virtual Assistant

Average Income of Virtual Assistant is $35-$50 per hour. (some are even $100/hr)

To sum it up its likely $400 a day for 8hours of work or $1200 a month.

Virtual Assistant trends are increasing 95% y-o-y basis over 5 years.

Virtual Assistant are in demand because they can handle writting blogs, manage social media, edit content, manage youtube and other administrative stuff.

A course from Gina Horkey will teach you to become an in-demand VA in 30 days.

I know many of my readers are already in job and most are doing some kind of admin work in their workplace so this Virtutal Assistant work includes mostly admin or data driven duties which they can easily manage. This can be a promising Side Hustle for them.

2.Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA stands for Fullfillment by Amazon.

What we do in Amazon is we buy items whereas there are people on the other side selling, yes the other guy is you who want to be.

Trust me this is again a high paying legit side hustle. Amazon as a brand you can’t go wrong it has huge category where you can sell.

Amazon manages all the logistics you just have to find the product that will sell fast that’s it. It’s actually flipping a product.

The Selling Family by Jessica Larrew, describe how you might be able to sell on Amazon. Jessica has made over $100,000 in profit in the first year of running their Amazon FBA business operating less than 20 hours a week in total, isn’t it promising.

I suggest signing up for it now.

3: Profitable Product Flipping

How appealing does the concept of “discovering something you can buy and sell for a profit” sound to you? That is exactly how Rob and Melissa made $42,000 in 2015 while operating just 5-10 hours each week.

They made $133,000 flipping items in 2016. That is enormous.

Among the best-flipped products they’ve accomplished are:

You can learn how to flip items for a profit here, where they teach you how to flip items at an expert level.

4. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most profitable online businesses available, and with the correct techniques, you can grow well faster than in other ways.

But it isn’t always about the money; sometimes it was about the way of living it offers-

  • There are no set working hours.
  • Work whenever and wherever you want.
  • There is no one else to report to but you, biggest pro!
  • There is no earning restriction.

The ability to spend some time with family.

Do you believe it is too late to start a blogging biz and that it is too cutthroat now?
That’s nonsense!

Suzi (founder of start a mom blog) launched her website on January 18, 2017 and had already earned $200,000 by September 30, 2017.

Caroline and Logan (creators of money done right).
They began their website in 2017 and are now earning more than $30,000 per month in August 2018.

You can verify here to see if a specific blog name is available or not.

5. Other Extra Side Hustles

a) Shopping Cashback:

With sites on the internet like Ebates, you can get cash rewards Each TIME you make an online purchase. You don’t have to pay anything extra to get a cash rewards. You simply register for free and purchase as you normally would at Amazon, Macy’s, and so on.

You’ll get a FREE $10 gift card to Macy’s, Walmart, Target, as well as Kohl’s.

b) Online Surveys:

Swagbucks – So if you take (or answer) a survey, you are paid in “Swagbucks” called SBs. When you’ve accumulated enough “Swagbucks” users can exchange them for cash, gift cards, or even PayPal credit.

Swagbucks is the web’s most famous rewards programme, offering free gift cards and cash for daily online activities.

Vindale Research – Vindale Research requests data about you in matching you with appropriate surveys. With several surveys paying up to $50 and a free $1 just for registering, it pays to log in daily to see which ones are available to you. PayPal is used for cashouts.

Surveys Junkie – They have over 5 million members, making them one of the most popular survey websites. Signing up is also very simple; simply log in with your Facebook account. The tasks are straightforward: you complete surveys and earn rewards in the form of gift cards or credit that is transferred directly to your PayPal account.

d)Developing online courses:
Most bloggers recommend Teachable as the best online course platform. Teachable is primarily designed for people who want to create their own online course.
Just take a look at the name; it’s pretty self-explanatory! To get started, all you need is an email address. You can provide content in the form of text, videos, audios, images, and presentations.

Follow the FREE training on how to start profitable online classes, trained by teachable! It is completely free to sign up for it.

e)Freelance writing: A freelance writer is somebody who works for oneself, contracts out their writing, and writes for a variety of different clients, such as large websites, blogs, magazines, and more.

Holly from Club Thrifty began freelance writing on the side with no prior experience and now earns more than $200,000 per year from her writing.

She offers a course aimed primarily at people with no prior experience who want to become successful freelance writers. Freelance writing is ideal for those who do not wish to leave the comfort of their homes in order to earn a living. You can learn more about her Freelance Writing Online Course by clicking here.

Some of the main topics she covers in her course are–

  • How to Find Customers
  • The best platform to select from.
  • How to organize your work so that you can earn a six-figure salary.
  • How to find a beginner’s job and work your way up over time, and all that good stuff.

Are you ready to begin your own side business? If that’s the case, which one?

Plan your objectives and put forth the maximum efforts! Maybe your side hustles will one day become your main hustle!

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How I saved $3000 in 6 months

Take a cold shower before you read this cuz there are things that you might not like to know how you spent wasted your money last year shopping for unnecessary items.

The worse part is I bought things I don’t need.

You might ask me then why did I buy in the first place.

The only three-letter word I can say “it looks cool.”

There aren’t only products I bought. There are services too I purchased for the sake of it without even using one day.

For example, going for a movie first-day first show, thanks to pandemic I saved a lot, then eating out due to some kind of new cuisine in the town or deals going on or just for the sake of it.

The most indeed service I paid for is Gym Membership for too long. I wish I made body like Chris Evans, considering the amount of money I paid for years.

These small things always seem less when we buy initially, then slowly, these tiny amounts add up in the long term and create a big black hole that’s inescapable.

My 2 cents,

Whenever you installed any online shopping app, just disable the notification of that app. It allows you to stop your urges to spend or fall prey to unnecessary offers that you don’t need.

I can genuinely say it works for me, and I have saved thousands of dollars from impulsive buying.

I think I have said enough about myself.7 ways to save money on a tight budget.

Saving money is a goal I’ve started working on seriously during the pandemic when I lost my job. Sometimes situation marks you take a hard decision which you won’t accept when things don’t seem to. It’s a good habit to nurture and use in daily life, best place to save money.

Here you go, the 7 ways to save money in daily life. I have personally used all of them to save some money, tips to save money.

1.First, talk about health.

I hat to going to the gym, yeah you read it right. Similarly, I hate paying for a gym membership don’t know why I can’t explain; I feel the whole gym business works of not going there daily.

I think everyone who pays taxes should have the right to a free gym membership, me daydreaming .

Currently, I found Aaptiv, and it saved me a lot of money.

What it does is it has personal trainers living inside your phone, don’t worry. They only wake up when you want to or say when you open the app.

Aaptiv has a great selection of personalized workouts, guided workouts ranging from the treadmill, strength training, yoga, and much more.

All these great selections of workouts at just $9.99 per month. Which is way cheaper than my costly gym membership.

Trainers are hardworking enough to make sure you achieve your goal by the end of the schedule, making it more interesting to join, at least if somebody focuses on my routine and makes me work even more challenging.

Start for FREE FOR 30DAYS

2.Earned Money While Losing Weight


That’s right, you read that correctly. I’m not joking.

A program “Healthywage” wellness challenge that pays you to lose weight.


JOIN HERE, Calculate your weight, Choose your weight, lose weight goal within the period. If you achieve your Target Goal.HealthyWage will reward you with the prize you choose starting ($10,000)maximum.

Trust me, they are in this business since 2009. I mean, 11 years doing the same thing is no joke. Come on, give it a try.

For more verification, check Good Morning.

3.Save Money When You Shop Online.

Shopping Online has become necessary than a want. I mean, who doesn’t like online shopping? If you are one of them so do use these tools next time. Mind you all are free.

Honey: Honey is a browser extension that uses AI to automatically scan and apply the best coupons during the checkout process. This makes sure you permanently save money when shop online.
Ebates: I believe you won’t mind if you save v something whenever you buy something without any membership fee. SIGNUP! Guaranteed Savings just like Honey.
Drop: I know you have more than one debit card and credit card lying around; just convert all purchases made on them into rewards that are useful in day-to-day life buying, unlike Airmiles that nonfrequent air travelers have little or no use.

I know the only thing that comes to your mind is Survey. Please area it further before you make your judgment.

Survey Site: Vindale Research, Survey Junkie, and Swagbucks are the genuine ones I came across that allows you to make money the easy way, I know it’s not enough, but it’s a low-key activity you do when you feel bored and use that time to earn something, can’t say you totally ignore altogether.

5.Make your Idle Money Run

I know you have already more than one savings account and don’t want another one shortly. If I tell you as there’s a bank you can open that gives more than 7x than your regular savings account in the same category and 30x more than a traditional savings account, easy ways to save money.


6.Sell Old Stuff

My mom yells at me due to my collecting habits. Kid you, not. I have ancient old Nokia phones that in working condition that might get me easy $20-$50. Also, I have T-shirts that I never wore. Honestly, at the current moment, I feel I wasted money like anything. I Mena, I don’t need any of this stuff anymore. I just want to deck utter everything and wants a minimalistic space I wish for.

‘cleanliness is next to godliness ‘
One needs to clean to have a clear vision. I use this “declutter” app for everything to get rid of my old stuff. Also, don’t forget eBay. They are a legend since the 90s era.

7.Disposal Money into Rising Income.

Invest extra money that you don’t rewrite in the near term. It’s not just stock, ETF or not.

It’s just the next level id savings account rate.

It’s called Lending Club. Your money disburses to different people who need that money. Customers need money to get what they want, pay tuition, solve debt issues, pay medical bills.

If you see on the surface, your money isn’t actually going to act as collateral to the lender to meet regulation requirements.

The rate is primarily impressive ranges from 5-8.7%

Lending Club

P2P Lending
Avg Return:5-8%
Maintain a good Credit Score for fast disbursal

Start Investing

These are just a few ways I came across that actually worthless, but you need to be patient and persistent to let it work.

Diversify income is the key. For the last year save money live better was my motto, it saves me over $3000 by doing this small stuff that kind of adds up over a long period.