Bluesmart :How To Track Luggage.

Bluesmart: The World’s First Connected Carry-On 😊.

Bluesmart smart carry on brings luggage into the 21st century😀.

The Bluesmart case looks like a regular suitcase. But it’s actually a wearable device with ☺️a built-in battery that charges your devices via USB.

While it doesn’t exactly make sense, the 💡idea behind it is pretty simple. And it makes perfect👌🏼 sense for travelers who don’t want to lug around bulky chargers.

For example, if you’re traveling with a laptop💻, you simply plug 🔌the Bluesmart into a power outlet and let it do its thing.

  • If you’re bringing along a 📱smartphone, just slip it inside the Bluesmart’s sleeve and you’ll be good to go.
  • While there aren’t too many 😇specifics on how well the Bluesmart works, we did find out that it supports Apple products, 🤖Android smartphones and tablets, and even some BlackBerry models.
  • In addition, Bluesmart says it’s able to charge a 🤖phone 10 times over — which isn’t quite as much as what most portable 🔋batteries can deliver, but still impressive nonetheless.

Of course, it’s not clear whether Bluesmart will ever reach consumers.🧐

The company is still working on getting regulatory approval for the product,👀 and hasn’t announced pricing or availability information.🤨

Still, the concept seems promising enough that we’d love to see someone try to bring it to market.🧐

Bluesmart shuts down after airlines ban smart luggage🫢!

Smart luggage maker Bluesmart has shut down its operations and sold its technology to luggage giant Travelpro.😳

In a blog post today, Bluesmart blamed the recent ban on non-removable batteries🔋 in airline carry-on cases on the major carriers for putting the company in an “irreversibly difficult financial and situation.”😦

The recent ban on smart luggage came about after a number of incidents 😲in which passengers had found themselves stranded without access to their💻 laptops because of a faulty battery🪫.

After several such incidents, Delta Air Lines announced that it would no longer allow 🤦🏼‍♂️customers to use smart luggage with non-replaceable 🪫batteries on board. Other major airlines followed suit.

In response, Bluesmart began offering refunds 😢for customers who purchased the smart luggage.

However, the company couldn’t keep up with demand, and sales plummeted🤕. As a result, Bluesmart was left with little choice but to close shop.😪

All of Bluesmart’s intellectual properties, designs, and branding are now owned by luggage giant Travelpro, which acquired the company earlier this month. “They represent the best possible outcome for stewarding and 🙁bringing forward our innovations,” Bluesmart writes.

Bluesmart Will Not Honour Its Warranty😟.

Delta announced it will no longer sell Bluesmart smart luggage starting next month.😔 In a statement posted on its website, the company said it “has explored all possible options for continuing to operate as an independent entity.”😕

The company added that it had been exploring ways to keep the brand alive, including finding buyers for the assets and intellectual property. 😭

However, none of those efforts proved successful, forcing the company to wind down its operations.😥

🤒”After exploring all the possible for pivoting and moving forwards, the company was finally force to wind down its operations,” the statement read. 🤒

“Unable to continue operation as an independant 🤨entity, the company is now exploring disposition options.”

In addition to Bluesmart, the company owns brands such as SkyMiles, Vantage, Envoy, and Aeroplan.👀

Smart luggage maker Bluesmart announced Saturday it had ceased operations following🧐 a lawsuit filed against it by its manufacturer, Swiss firm Tumi. 👀

In February 2017, Bluesmart launched a Kickstarter campaign for its SmartLuggage product, promising backers that the bags would come with a 10-year warranty🧳. But after the bags began shipping to customers, Tumi sued Bluesmart alleging false advertising and breach of contract🧐. “Tumi is pleased that we are able to 🤨resolve our dispute amicably,” Bluesmart CEO Mark Rolston wrote in a statement on the company website. “We appreciate the 🎗️support of our loyal customers and partners.”

The company said it explored all the possible options for repurposing 👀and moving forward, including seeking additional financing, selling the assets to another company, or winding down operations. 👀

After exploring all the possible options,👀 the company was finally force to wind down its operations.👀

How to track luggage with a phone?

Lost or Damaged Baggage.

We are very sorry if something goes wrong during your trip🚌. We’ll do our best to assist you. Here’s what to do if you lose or damaged baggage.

  1. If you arrive at the airport✈️ with lost or damaged luggage🧳, please contact the Baggage Claim office immediately.😮
  2. They will provide you with information on how to file a claim.
  3. 🙃You must report the loss or damage to the airline within 4 hours of arrival.
  4. 😐Please note that if you fail to follow the above instructions, the carrier’s liability for lost or damaged baggage ends once it leaves the custody of the carrier.
  5. For assistance after you depart the airport, contact Customer Relations at 🛃1-800-FLYTRAX (1-800-359-4884).

How to track your luggage with Apple AirTags?

How To Track Luggage With A Phone
Apple AirTags

The AirTag, a silver disk slightly larger than a quarter uses the global network🫤 of apple iphones 📱to track its location.

The device sends a signal, via short range bluetooth communications to iphones📲 in its vicinity and trianges a location from them which its then sent back to your phone.

Airlines like alaska are experimenting with putting electronic tagging🏷️ devices of their own design onto luggage, a process that might become standard at some point in the future🔮.

For now though, the most popular options to electronically track a bag for📲 iphone users is the airtag.

How to set up an Apple AirTag?

Before buying an 🔖AirTag, make sure you understand what it does, how it works, and what you’re getting yourself into.

How To Track Luggage With A Phone

Here are some things to consider:

1. What Does the AirTag Do?

The AirTag is designed to help people find their lost 📲phones. When paired with another compatible smartphone📱, the AirTag sends location📍 information every 15 minutes. This allows🫅🏽 someone else to see where you’ve been and where you might still be located. The AirTags🏷️ themselves don’t store data, so there’s no chance of being tracked down by law enforcement👩‍💻.

2. How Can I Use the AirTag?

If you lose your📲 iPhone, you can use the AirTag app to locate it. After pairing your AirTag with your phone via Bluetooth, open the app and tap “Find My Phone.” 📱

A 🗺️map will pop up showing you the approximate area where your phone could be. Tap the 🔵blue dot and the app will show you the exact location of your phone.

3. Is There Any Other Way to Find My Lost iPhone?

Yes. There are many 📱apps and tools that allow you to locate your phone without having to pair it with 📱📱another device.

For example, 📱iLostMyPhone uses cell tower triangulation technology to pinpoint the location of your phone, while Lojack Mobile locates your phone based on 🧭GPS coordinates.

Both of those apps work well, but require you to 💰pay for the service.

Connecting your AirTag.

How to use the Apple AirTag
  1. This device allows you to connect up to 4 different bags 💼to one single🔖AirTag.
  2. Once paired, the 🔖AirTag will automatically find the nearest charging station and start recharging itself.
  3. You don’t even need to open the lid to see how much power your 🔖AirTag needs – just look at the screen.
  4. To use your 🔖AirTag, simply remove the silver disc from the box it came in, remove its plastic insert and place it near your iPhone.
  5. Your AirTag 🔖will immediately begin searching for nearby charging stations, asking permission to access your location data.
  6. After pairing, you’ll be prompted to give your 🔖AirTag a name and choose an icon.

If you have a set of 🔖🔖🔖🔖4 AirTags, make sure each one has a unique name and icon📍. We recommend giving them names like “bag1”, “bag2”, etc., and sticking with airplane icons.

How to use the Apple AirTag?

The Apple AirTag is now available in stores.

This wearable device is designed to help protect your belongings🧑🏼‍🚒. When you travel, you can attach the AirTag to your luggage or backpack.

Once you arrive at your destination, you can simply press the button to open the lock.🔓 Your bag will automatically unlock once you walk away.

You’ll receive notifications on your 📱iPhone whenever someone tries to access your bag.

As soon as you see the notification, just press the button again to close the lock.🔐

If you 😟lose the AirTag, don’t worry—you can still track your bag via Find My iPhone.😄

Getting directions.

If you hit the 📍directions button inside Find My iPhone or iPad, it will take you directly to Apple Maps🧭.

You can choose one of three options — 🚙driving, 🚶🏻‍♀️walking or 🚴🏻‍♀️biking — to get 🗺️directions to where you left your 📲device. You can even see how long it will take to reach your destination🗺️📍.

The feature works whether the 🧭location tracking is enabled or disabled.

But once you are within range, it doesn’t work unless you’re using an iOS 11 update.

AirTag’s Lost and Notification functions.

The AirTag is a small device that attaches to your 🔖luggage or purse.

  • Once activated, it connects to 📲Find My, Apple’s lost mode feature, allowing you to track down your missing items.
  • If you 😭lose something, you can use the AirTag to send out a notification to anyone else who finds it.😔

And if you’re worried😠 about losing your keys again, you can attach one to your keychain.

You can activate the 🔖AirTags via the Find My app. To do so, open the app, tap the ⚙️gear icon, select “add tag,” enter the name of the person you want to notify, choose whether you want to receive push notifications 📳when the AirTag is found, and confirm the action.

  • Then, locate the AirTag and press the button to 😇enable it.
  • When you lose something, you’ll see a prompt asking if you’d like to enable Lost Mode. ☺️
  • Tap OK to set up a password. When you return home, you’ll receive a 📣 notification letting you know the 📍 location of your bag.

You can even look at photos taken while you were away.

To help others find your 🔖AirTags, you can either let people know where they are by adding them to the Find My app, or you can give them your 🤙🏻phone number or 📧email address.

If another user finds your AirTag, he or she can call you or send you a 💬text message.

If you don’t want to receive notifications when your AirTags are located, you can disable Lost Mode entirely.

Simply go into the Find My app, select “disable,🛑” and then re-enable Lost Mode when you want to check in.

How to set up Chipolo on your Android phone?

The Chipolo is a small device that 😄attaches to your smartphone via Bluetooth and helps you track where you are.

Once paired, you’ll see a blue dot on your map wherever you put the Chipolo down. 🫅🏽You can use the Chipolo to find things like keys, phones, wallets, etc., and even locate people if you’re worried about them.😄

The Chipolo works with both iOS and Android devices. You just need to download📲 the Chipolo app and follow the instructions on how to set it up. After you do that, you’ll be able to start tracking your items.

Selecting Chipolo features.

The Chipolo is one of those gadgets that can do everything.

  • It’s a tiny 🔉speaker that doubles as a 🔦flashlight, a 🗝️keychain, a USB charger, and much more.
  • But there are many things you can configure about it, including what 🔊sound it makes when someone presses the 🔳button.
  • There are five different tones you can choose from, ranging from a simple 🐝buzz to a full-on siren🚨.

And if you’re looking to set up a specific event, like setting off an 🔔alarm every time you lose your 🔑car keys, you can program that too.

Tracking items with a Chipolo.

Chipolo makes 🛤️tracking things easy. Just download the free app onto your smartphone, pair it with the Chipolo tag, and start tracking.

You can even add multiple tags to one object, such as a 🎒bag or suitcase.

When you’re ready to track something else, just reattach the Chipolo to another object.📷

If you want to see where your tagged objects are located, simply open the mobile app📱 and tap on the map view.

  • A list of nearby Chipolos appears along with a brief description of each one.
  • Tap on the Chipolo you’d like to follow, and you’ll see its current status on the map📍.

You can also use the Chipolo app to set up 🔔alerts for specific locations, such as when the bag leaves home.

For example, you could turn on “Out of Range Alert,” and receive a 📴notification whenever the Chipolo is no longer visible on the map. Or you could set up an alert based on distance traveled.

Delayed or lost baggage.

If you arrive at the airport and cannot locate your luggage, there are several things you can do.

  • 😲First of all, don’t panic. There are many options available to help you out.
  • If you want to know what happens next, 😟check out our guide “What happens if my luggage gets delayed?”
  • You can also try contacting the✈️ airline directly.
  • In most cases, it takes about 24 hours for the airline to deal with the issue.
  • If you still haven’t received anything by then, you can fill out a 😢claim form and send it via email. 🤒This usually helps.
  • Airlines typically offer compensation for delays,🫢 depending on how long it lasts. 🤦🏼‍♂️

For example, American Airlines offers 🤑$100 per day up to🤑 $1,500 for delays over😌 seven days. Delta Air Lines gives away free meals🍔 and snacks during delays.

If you’re lucky enough to find your suitcase🧳 later, make sure to check your PIR.

The property irregularity report contains information about your case😏, such as the name of the carrier,✈️ flight number, and the type of bag. You can use this information to 📇contact the airline again.

Reporting delayed baggage at the airport.

If you’ve lost your 🧳luggage while traveling, it might take some time to find it again.

You probably know where you left your suitcase, but what about those 🛄items you packed inside? And if you didn’t pack anything, there’s no way you’ll remember where you placed that extra pair of shoes👟 or sweater.

Luckily, most airports offer a place where you can file a report 📁regarding your 😢missing belongings.

While it’s true that many ✈️airlines have implemented policies to prevent passengers from reporting their 🛍️bags online, there are still plenty of places where you can do just that.

How to set up the Galaxy SmartTag on your Samsung phone?

Setting up a🏷️ SmartTag on your Samsung device is as simple as connecting another 🏡smart home device to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Once you’ve downloaded the SmartThings app onto your phone, open it and select “Smart Tags.” Select “Add Tag,” enter the 🏷️tag name, choose whether you want to use NFC or Bluetooth pairing, and follow the instructions.

If you’re having trouble getting the 🏷️SmartTag to work, try restarting your phone.

How to track items with the Galaxy SmartTag?

How to set up the Galaxy SmartTag on your Samsung phone

The Galaxy SmartTag+ is one of several smart home devices announced during CES 2019.

This particular model works like most others in that it connects to your smartphone📲,via Bluetooth technology.

However, unlike many other smart home products, the 🏷️Galaxy SmartTag+ lets you track objects around your house🏡 without having to purchase additional hardware.

You don’t even need to use the app to connect the 🏷️SmartTag+.

Simply place the tag into another object, such as a 🛋️lamp or 🍵coffee pot, and it will automatically pair with the app.

From there, you’ll see a list of the tagged items displayed on the 📲app’s interface.

If you lose your 🏷️SmartTag+ somewhere, simply open up the app and select “Find My Device,” and the tracker will show up on your map🗺️.

You can even double-tap the SmartTag+ to bring up the app’s Augmented Reality mode, which provides you with visual cues on how to find the item.

If you’re looking to add some extra security to your 🏡 home, the Galaxy SmartTag🏷️ can also be paired with the SmartThings app, allowing you to remotely control lights and appliances from anywhere.

What Is A Luggage Tracker?

How to set up Chipolo on your Android phone?

There are two kinds of 🏷️luggage tags out there: the manual one and a smart one.

Manual ones are the old school type where you write down your information on a piece of paper📃, stick it inside your bag🎒, and hope everything goes smoothly.

Smart ones, on the other hand, use 🧭GPS technology to help you keep tabs on your stuff. They’re even able to alert you if your bag gets stolen.

The smart luggage tag works differently than most other luggage tags🏷️ because it uses a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy and GSM/GPRS technologies to communicate with your phone📱.

This allows the🏷️ luggage tag to send notifications 📲to your smartphone whenever your bag moves outside of a certain radius. You’ll know exactly where your bag is at all times.

The Best Luggage Trackers Reviews.

We’ve narrowed it down to the best luggage trackers🏷️ out there with their key features and what makes each one special.

You can use our list to help narrow down your choices and decide which🏷️ tracker is right for you.

If you’re looking for something more specific, we’ve included some additional information about each product including reviews, ratings, 💵price and availability.

iTag Nut Cell Phone, Bluetooth Luggage Trackers🏷️.

  1. This slim luggage tracker🏷️ comes in five different colors, or you could buy a pack of four (in each color), to place inside each bag that you carry.
  2. This is ideal for those traveling with family or who just have a lot of luggage.
  3. When the luggage tag gets out-of-range, you will receive a 📲notification telling you that.
  4. Then you must link up to your phone luggage finder app📱, which will give you a map showing you exactly what direction🗺️ your bag is headed.
  5. If it has been stolen, you can now notify everyone else about it via the Nut App.📲

If you want to keep track of multiple bags, you can do that too, since it connects to your phone📲 app, meaning that if one of your bags goes missing, you will get notified immediately.

And if you lose your bag, 🤔you can use the Nut App to alert others in the vicinity about it.

Dynotag PROTAGZ Series Web/GPS Enabled QR Smart MEGA Luggage Tag🔒

The Dynotag PROTAGZ series is a smart luggage tracking device🏷️ that allows you to view your baggage status anytime, anywhere.

  • With the help of our web-enabled smartphone app📲, you can use the tag to locate your suitcase, and check the location of your bag.
  • If you are traveling abroad🌎, you can also find out where your luggage is located by simply entering the airport✈️ code into the app.

With the help of our 🧭GPS technology, you can follow the movement of your suitcase wherever you go. And thanks to the built-in RFID chip, you will never worry😊 about losing your luggage again.

Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Smart Aluminium Convertible Luggage Tag. 🏷️

This strong tag attaches to the suitcase via a steel loop, and it uses web technology for tracking.

  • A unique identifier is assigned to each tag🏷️, and each one has a separate web page accessible from any device.
  • You can password protect the page if you wish. The web address is printed directly onto the tag itself.
  • The tag itself is very sturdy and 🌊waterproof, and impact damages are very unlikely because there are none of the usual electronic components inside.

There is just a barcode printed on its front side.

how to track luggage via baggage tag website

GoCodes Smart QR Bar Code Luggage Tag🏷️

The GoCodes Smart QR Barcode Luggage Tag🏷️ is a must-have travel accessory for those looking to keep tabs on their belongings while they’re away.

  • A single tag can hold up to four different pieces of luggage, making it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. 😍
  • With a smart QR code on the side, you can easily link it to your mobile device, allowing you to check where your bag is located whenever you want.☺️

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker.

The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is a Bluetooth tracker that works with your mobile phone.

Whether you’re 😔lost, missing something or just want to keep tabs on what you’ve got stashed away, the Smart Tag makes tracking your belongings easy.

Just scan the tag on the object you wish to locate, and the Smart Tag instantly sends the information to your phone, letting you know exactly where it is.

If you lose something, simply reattach the Smart Tag 🏷️to find it again. And if you ever forget where you put it, the Smart Tag 🏷️lets you see where you left off.

Tile Mate

The Tile Mate works with over 25 million apps and platforms including Apple 🗺️Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Uber, Lyft, Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, etc.

The Tile Mate does require some charging, but it lasts for months on a full charge.

The Tile Mate is a great way to keep track of your belongings while traveling🧳. This handy little gadget attaches easily to your luggage and provides real-time location tracking via GPS and WiFi. With the Tile Mate, you’ll never lose anything again.

We think the Tile Mate is a great addition to anyone’s travel kit.☺️