Best Bluetooth Headphones I Came Across(2023)

It took me several weeks to find my next pair of bluetooth headphones!

My Earlier pair of bluetooth headphones had lag issues with audio and video not matching.

Then I want to know what are the best bluetooth headphones in 2022 available in market.

Bluetooth headphones are modern day saviour for wire cutters they has good latency now and great battery thanks to new lithium technology.

But finding the best low latency headphones with great sound and battery is tough well one could argue go for the costliest one but I would recommend they are no different all sounds same just bit tones here and there so never purchase expense headphones .

I have curated a list of headphones that are mentioned in the table below:

1Ankbit by 1Mii CHECK PRICE
2Sound Blaster JAM V2CHECK PRICE
3MEE audio DualStreamCHECK PRICE
4Picun Bluetooth Headphones CHECK PRICE
8MEE audio MatrixCHECK PRICE
9Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX CHECK PRICE

Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing The Next Bluetooth Headphones.

1.Low Latency

Low Latency means less lag between audio and video output. Also the range of bluetooth it supports (15-30ft).

Nowadays new Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth 6) has enabled the range way farther than we can imagined.Th same audio quality all across your room ,isn’t it mind-blowing!

2.Sound Quality & Tones

Wired headphones still trumps when talking about sound quality sue to its physical nature and direct connection physically.

But things are changing and there are very few bluetooth headphones that are at par with the wired ones and they sounds really good Check This.

3.Battery Life & Charging Time

Battery Life are the crucial part of bluetooth headphones they are the lifeline of the product without it its a trash.

Nowadays it normal to have 8-10hrs battery life of bluetooth headphones.Also look for Charging speed of the bluetooth headphones that charges 50% in 3 mins or less .


How portable it is to carry around.There are neckbands that are less probable to get loose,Then there are air pods that are highly to get lost but offers pure wire free life.


Check the IPX rating of your bluetooth earphones because that shows how water resistant it is.

6.Call Quality

We use are headphones or earphones for music mostly but we had to take calls too.I have experienced few earphones in past wired ones that had great music quality but the call quality ,I don’t know how such things work.

What I understood fro that incident is some headphones/earphones aren’t tuned in greatly.

In my list I’ve also added best bluetooth headphones for metal music lovers so everyone choices are considered.


If you follow my list of best headphones guide thoroughly I’m sure you will surely find your favourite !

Bluetooth headphones are cheaper now compared with in few years ago!

So go out and buy your favourite pair of headphones.






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