Best Artificial Grass Carpets In India 2023

Whether we own a home or not, we always want to design and decorate it in such a way that our neighbours look in and wonder how we keep it looking so pristine and bright. Many people prefer to do so by having beautiful gardens and lush green lawns, but these are difficult to maintain, especially for those who are almost always away due to work. These artificial grass mats serve a purpose for such decor enthusiasts.

Instead of searching for how to make artificial grass it would be beneficial to buy and start decorating right away as its cheap and beautiful.

These affordable artificial grass mat is a nice way to decorate your garden or lawn area.

Types of artificial grass


When compared to polypropylene grass, artificial grass made of nylon is more resistant to the elements. Because nylon grass is a particularly strong type of plastic fibre, it’s a good choice for an artificial lawn that can withstand children and pets.


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is a good option. Polyethylene artificial turf has a natural appearance and a soft to the touch texture similar to real grass. You won’t be mowing it with a lawn mower, but remember to brush or rake it on a regular basis.


While polypropylene grass is typically the most affordable option, it is also the least robust type of artificial grass. As a result, rather than large lawns, it is best to use this grass in small patches.

What to Look for in the Best Artificial Grass

artificial grass carpet price ranges from ₹40 to ₹100 per sqft.

Wholesale artificial grass prices per square foot in india ranges from ₹28-₹70 per sqft.

artificial grass online india available on Amazon, Flipkart, pepperfry

Here are the list of artificial grass price in india

1.Yellow Weaves™ High Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Balcony, Lawn, Door(6.5 X 2 Feet)

2.YAZLYN COLLECTION High Density Artificial Grass Carpet for Balcony with 4 Layers Protection (6.5 X 4 ft)

These artificial grass installation can be made in 1hr approx.

These artificial grass for Balcony is a must because it not only helps in decoration also from monsoon season.

3.Eurotex Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Covering Balcony, Lawn, Door (Size 6.5×2 Feet, 25mm 4-Tone Color)

4.F2L Artificial Grass Mats Carpet for Balcony – for Home Decoration – Floor Mat for Living Room Bedroom; Office – Summer Use

5.artificial grass for aquarium

These artificial grass bangalore easily available on Amazon.

Must Note:Before you buy check artificial grass prices per square foot in the description area for better understanding.

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These require zero maintenance of artificial grass