Best Almonds Brands in India 2020

Best Almonds Brands in India 2023

Our everyday life hustle increases the need for almonds. Almonds are one of the most most essential nuts in our diet.

It provides rich in nutrients, fats, fiber, protein, Magnesium and many other important nutrients.

Almonds also have high in vitamin E that build cell membranes in our body and prevent oxidative damage.

They are good and healthy for our active lifestyle.Therby we here choose the Best Almonds Brands in India 2022.

1.Solimo Premium Almonds
2.Nutraj California Almonds
3.Happilo Natural Californian Almonds
4.Urban Platter California Almonds
Best Almonds Brands in India 2020

Benefits of Almonds

  • Controlling blood sugar & cholesterol levels.
  • Reduced blood pressure.
  • Improving mind power.
  • Improve metabolism and reduce weight.
  • Helps reduce the risk of breast cancer.
  • Sources of fibre that improving digestive function.

Best Quality Almonds to Buy Online in India

1. Solimo Premium Almonds

Solimo has manufacture by VKC Nuts Pvt. Ltd. This is a modest trading co in Nuts and Dried fruits established in the year 1926. Its packed a high-quality almond with rich packing.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Premium Almonds

Key Features: 

  • Quantity is 500 g.
  • Vacuum Packed to retain product freshness.
  • Has every time deliver exceptional quality.
  • Premium quality Almonds.
  • 100 % vegetarian.

2. Nutraj California Almonds

Nutraj California Almonds is the best almonds brand in India. The premium quality American almonds is a protein essential with delicious and nutritious. 

The naturally high in vitamin E and Magnesium. Its hygienically packing facility certify food safety standards.

Nutraj California Almonds 500G

Key Features: 

  • Irresistible since 1926.
  • Reduce risk of heart ailments.
  • Its rich in nutrients & Magnesium
  • 2 pack of 250g each.

3.Happilo Natural Californian Almonds

Happilo is an international food company that produces a wide variety of products an exclusive range.The founders have been producing and distributing quality nuts and Spices since 1969.

With a wide variety products that cater to every budget and taste, our best sellers have found their way into the homes and hearts of many households.

It famous in dried fruits, spices, healthy seeds, trail mixes, festive gift hampers and much more items.

The competent of a rich source of omega-3, antioxidants and vitamins, calcium, iron and magnesium.

Its low glycemic Index almonds perfect choice for diabetics patients. The helps to glow skin and improves memory power. Its package quantity is 200 g.

Happilo 100% Natural Premium Californian Almonds

Key Features: 

  • Innovative and healthy.
  • Improves cardiovascular system.
  • Lowers harmful cholesterol levels.
  • Helps in maintains healthy skin.
  • Purely natural product.

4. Urban Platter California Almonds

Urban Platter California Almonds is the third best almonds brand in India founded in 2015.

Its vision is to deliver simply good food to people and the headquartered available in Mumbai.

This almond is full rich in fibre and protein, the good for health. If you are trying to lose your weight then the best for use in a snack.

Urban Platter California Almonds

Key Features: 

  • Experience the rich flavour.
  • Deliver a healthy product.
  • The maintain good heart health.

Tips for maintaining

  • Store in a cool.
  • Keep in a dry place.
  • Packed in an airtight container.
  • Always preferably refrigerate after opening the package.

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