10 Awesome Netflix Projectors Of 2023 by wowbuyz

The awesome Netflix Projectors of 2022 is here which by the way is a mini portable LED projector.

You might name this projector as a budget friendly projector also portable one which allows you to carry anywhere with ease also fits perfectly anywhere.

Let’s start with packaging review, it’s a nice quality cardboard protect them the led projector also includes all the necessary cables and charger included in it. Also comes with manual.

The greatest question can you watch Netflix on a projector?

It’s supports a resolution of 1920 by 1080 by default which means that you can just plug HDMI and play your favorite binge watching TV show or your classic movie in finest quality

Technically the LED has 30,000 hours longevity so pretty long way to go.

Now let say your try netflix projector ceiling? It’s a dream come true project for me.

What projectors work with Netflix?

So let me tell you how far the screen size of the projection would be it mostly range  between 30 to 60 inches.

If you ask me why will Netflix not play on my projector?
It might be due to some format..

A simple plan of netflix on projector mac.

You might ask me how do I get Netflix on my mini projector?

That’s not a problem anyways it would be a great thing to add on your go to list.

You might ask how can I play Netflix from my phone to my projector?

Simple answer remote control like old days.It has got all basic controls to function the projector.

To be honest it’s a magic in my room with this artlii projector netflix.

Projector doesn’t comes with any batteries but you might need triple A batteries to plug with.

We got a bi cable to run the show.

You might ask too much netflix I have talked about, Can I watch Amazon Prime on a projector?

Absolutely yes sir.

Now coming back to the content in the box, it has cables 1 meter long wish it had long length because you attach it  sufficient for the length of the wire standard.

The wire Length is sufficient to wherever you want to plugin and play the projector.

Coming back to the looks of the projector it’s very compact and it’s very versatile in nature. Even though it feels a little bit expensive in looks but it’s truly affordable in the price point of the projector range.

The lens is a big lens for this type of projector I don’t know what material made up of either it will be glass or plastic.

Coming to the back of the projector there are so many input and output. It has HDMI connect USB connect your PC to PC connect also USB type C to connect there so many connectivity also it works on Wi-Fi which is amazing.

It also supports 3.5 mm headphone jack for great audio.

They have thoroughly planned or whatever use you can do with this projector to project so you don’t have to worry any problem in future if the versatile machine for the mankind.

If you ask me how good the projecter is, let us find out.

Let start the initialisation phase of this projector.

I am attaching my Android phone to it to see my screencast on this big wall.

So I  have attached the projector to a tripod , as I can see it’s a gigantic picture of able to see in full HD.

Just make sure to 2m away from the wall for a great picture clarity.

Projector start with the menu screen and I’ve got to admit I am really surprised how bright and colourful the screen is.

It’s so colourful and vibrant picture project that I am mesmerized with the price I paid for this type of projector which is also portable what else can I ask for.

If you look closely you might see a distorted picture but let me tell you it shows a 60″ display you won’t be sitting near to a 60 inch TV anyway bear that in mind.

Ease of selecting Menu option is a great choice function available in this projector as I can see on demand netflix menu button is present on the remote so it’s go to projector for any netflix lover who wish to have a portable projector in this price range.

Did I mention that it has HDMI and AV port also?

If any time in future you didn’t like the picture quality you might be able to change the settings in the setting menu to the recommended settings that you love to  it’s totally customisable picture quality in your hand.

So i decided to watch Men in Black 3 to be my first movie in this projector to be honest there are little dark images in some scenes.

Again I try to refresh it it’s a 60 inch display projection so try watching it few meters away from the wall.

If you got SD card handy you might be able to see pictures in slideshow which is very memorable to watch.

I also tried out with PowerPoint projection from my laptop and it has been a great projections so far with this small portable device, it’s clearly visible from distance.

Still I would prefer try to use larger phone for this kind of projector as a small in size for better visibility.

Got my new ps5 take to play some games but I can see noticeably ok type in gameplay so nothing great watch if you are into gaming with this kind of projector don’t expect much.

Overall great paid off if you are looking for a 60 inch TV to buy as it costs fraction of the cost of a TV show definitely a its a better option as its portable and cheaper than any one in the market available.

I know you have heard a lot about this projector in the dark room  very few times I have heard in the night because it’s where the real test begins to be honest for me this projector work flawlessly in daylight also..

From my side it works brilliant for any kind of condition so it should truly tried out.

This projector are so affordable that you can buy 2 of it and setup in different room for easy access availability of media where TV is not available.

Aana you know if you ever have to buy a Netflix projector in affordable this is the you can buy without any as it works find where like other projectors So Ja So it was like that thank you so much for reading till now I hope it helps you to choose the best thing let me know if you anything to so that’s it for the day thank you so much.






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